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Day 3: With the random already!

That gorgeous "nonphotogenic" tree I posted the other day? Practically bare naked today! So I am reveling in the colorful leafy goodness for as long as I'm able, to wit…


It fairly glows.


Prisma-tized Catalpa leaves.

I had a busy day off yesterday — good-busy — beginning with a walk to the credit union, enhanced by TWO visits from Ali & Gin, surprised by a birthday package all the way from NZ, making good progress on some work projects, also making homemade chicken soup, and ending with a World Series win for the Cubs! I was dozing off a bit during that last part…


The rule is, a package/present that arrives in the mail can be immediately opened! There was a cute arty (in that 3rd-grade-way) card full of love from my girl Maddy, a tea towel with some great "Merino Ram" graphics, and a delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello bar — SO GOOD! I sure miss her, but it's an awful lot of fun to follow along on her adventures (a new video up yesterday!).


Gratuitous granddaughter pics! She was 6 months old yesterday, can you believe it?? She's sitting up on her own (under watchful eye), and almost always has something in her mouth!


No sign of teeth yet, tho.

_ _ _ _ _

Here's a little #tbt prompted by Carole & Kat's Think-Write-Thursday. The topic for today:



Well, that's just about the easiest thing ever! Hands-down, that would be Mrs. Kelly! She was my first grade teacher at Wayne Thomas School in Highland Park, IL. Having attended three different schools with three different teachers during my kindergarten year — of which I have the vaguest of memories — I think I was definitely ready for someone like her.

Mrs. Kelly was young and pretty, and so very kind. I was the youngest in my class, and maybe she was extra nice because of that. My mom had all five of us by then; she begged (successfully) to have me admitted early!

I thought of Mrs. Kelly at least daily for years (well into my 20s), whenever I'd have to figure out my left from my right — it was the chalkboard in the front of her room that I'd summon to memory (and I'd even sometimes turn to "orient" myself to the room), with the big hands tacked up on either side of the board: LEFT / RIGHT!

I absolutely lived for the big gold stars that she put on spelling papers! I've always been a darn good speller… striving to earn those gold stars certainly didn't hurt.

We only lived in Highland Park for year, but I'll never forget Mrs. Kelly. I consider her my first teacher and have always been thankful for the wonderful start she gave me.

8 thoughts on “Day 3: With the random already!

  1. Teachers have a big impact on kids and can great memories that last a lifetime! How wonderful you had Mrs. Kelly!
    Gin is SO CUTE. I loved the video of her sitting at your feet. I’m enjoying Maddy’s blog, too.

  2. There are only “grandchild pictures” none of which are ‘gratuitous’, no?
    I hated when they tried to teach us Left & Right in school I already knew the difference (yes, overachiever all through school) and they would say silly things like, “Raise your Right hand, the hand you hold your spoon with.” As a lefty, those were entirely different directions and I found it frustrating. Pretty sure I also was sassy enough to point that out, too! Fortunately I was well behaved for the most part.

  3. I like the random – a little bit of everything and all good! I’m enjoying following “Madventures” and seeing adorable Gin. Thank heavens for Mrs. Kelly; maybe life would be a bit better if we occasionally got gold stars as adults, too!

  4. Oh, those school photos! They are so very wonderful. (And I’m with Bonny! Bring gold stars to adults!!!) I cannot believe that Gin is already 6 months old. What a sweetheart she is. Love.

  5. Gin is a little cutie pie, isn’t she? And clearly thriving at 6 months. I think a lot of us had wonderful 1st grade teachers and that is a fabulous thing.

  6. I always loved getting gold stars-we should get them at work too! Those teachers from our early years do stay engrained in our hearts don’t they?!

  7. whew! great photos – it’s always a treat to see Gin – six months already, huh? I loved everyone’s #tbt with the favorite teachers – love yours with all the dresses and even a few neckties!

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