NaBloPoMo 2016


2016 BOTNS BBAiming for a BINGO by Thanksgiving, I made it with a few days to spare, finishing The Time Traveler's Wife during lunch yesterday.

The #1 thing on my list of 5 Things I Want to Do More in 2016 was: Reading (especially audio books). And, of the 21 books I've read so far this year, 12 were audio books! Interestingly, all of the books in my BINGO column are audio books!

12 thoughts on “BINGO!!

  1. Hooray for reading and BINGO! I also started listening to audio books a few years ago when I wanted to read more and realized how many things I could do while listening. I may try Room in 2017, and will be looking forward to seeing what you think of Frog Music.

  2. Congratulations! I upped my game for 2016 and am getting close on the Goodreads challenge. Of my 24 books I’ve listened to 14 of them! That Audible membership is some of the best money ever spent. I’m off to add The Time Traveler’s Wife to my queue!

  3. I love audiobooks, particularly for nonfiction, which is often too dry for me to maintain concentration in the analog world. I have ~2 hours left of Duty, the memoir of Richard Gates (secretary of defense, 2006-2011, under two different presidents of two different parties). Oddly enough I have found it to be absorbing. What a terrible job — attempting to juggle the demands of Congress, the White House, the Pentagon, the allies, and the enemies.

  4. Congratulations on your Bingo. I have not gotten into audio books at all…but recently started listening to Moby Dick (mobydickbigread) and I love it! So, I may need to get some from Overdrive to listen to while knitting. I tried to read Lab Girl and couldn’t get into that, but I’m thinking as an audio it might be doable!

  5. Yay!!! for reading, for a BINGO! and for audiobooks! I’m a huge fan of audio (and lately, I’m finding it hard to finish a book that’s not playing in my ears); glad you’ve got the bug now, too.

  6. Congratulations! I’m curious if you think you get as much relaxation out of audio books? I tend to listen to them while I’m doing something (usually quilting) and find I tend towards series so I am familiar with the characters and don’t have to try too hard to follow them. For those times I need to ‘escape’ it’s the written word for sure. But we’re all different.

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