Knitting-Parcheesi · NaBloPoMo 2016

Weekending: Knitting

I did some cooking over the weekend, and some knitting, and a whole lotta putzing and/or nothing.

It felt SO GOOD.


Saturday. I made Meatloaf. Two of them, actually, because it's so good and we want LEFTOVERS!

This is the Rainbow Warrior Cowl… at least that's the pattern I'm using. I'm confused about the floats, so have contacted the designer for clarification. The way I'm reading the pattern, there should be a slipped-stitch float on the front of the work, but it doesn't look like there's a float in any of the pattern photos. I didn't like how it looked with this particular colorway — to me, it would work better with a super busy colorway — so am doing all floats on the back.

UPDATE:  The designer got back to me right away… turns out I was using an outdated pattern. There'd been an update to correct the error. NO FLOATS ON THE FRONT! Whew. I was kind of driving myself crazy with that. Carry on…


Sunday. I made Ina Garten's Roasted Potato Leek Soup. Yum.

Happy Birthday Parcheesi!


Six years old and still awesome.

9 thoughts on “Weekending: Knitting

  1. Parcheesi is one of the best pieces of knitting I’ve ever admired, and completely deserving of a birthday. You should even bake it a cake (which you would have to eat, of course). I love that you also found the absolute perfect place for pictures!

  2. I love your Parcheesi blanket. The colors are incredible. Loved it since the first time you posted it. I also love the sculpture of the couple using it to keep warm. I love meat loaf, too, as well as Potato Leek soup. I look forward to seeing the finished project of the cowl you are working on. I love the blue and yellow!
    Happy Birthday Parcheesi!

  3. Parcheesi is the most awesome FO ever – I love that you celebrate it’s (his/her?) birthday! …and I love that cowl pattern. kudos to the designer for getting right back to you about your float question.

  4. Parcheesi is the Ultimate Knitting Project — kind of the Holy Grail, y’know? Just gorgeous! Mmmmm. And now I want Ina’s Potato Leek soup. . .

  5. I love your color choices for that cowl!! And, Parcheesi – it is the Ultimate Knitting Project – and one I need to put on my radar! Thank you for the reminder!

  6. Parcheesi! I know I’m late, but it’s one of my favorite knits of yours so I felt a tardy shout-out was better than none.

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