Light my fire

Kym! I do have a fireplace!!


It's one of the first things I pulled out of a box of Christmas decorations last night! A gift from one of the girls years ago — Ali, I think.

So I lit the fire…


Kate made me a drink* (vodka, campari, limoncello, orange juice, soda water)…


And together we trimmed the tree!


I never ran across our tree-top angel, though! Where could she be??

*She also cooked supper last night… and, to me, having my children cook for me on occasion is truly one of the pleasures of life.

11 thoughts on “Light my fire

  1. That cocktail looks delicious!! And, yes – children who occasionally cook for you is one of this worlds greatest pleasures! I am hoping that your tree-top angel is among the found today! XO

  2. Your tree is stunning. We have a Christmas tradition of going to my step daughter’s one night for dinner to see her tree. This year we are adding Hannah’s place to the list. It’s nice to visit our kids in their own homes.

  3. Love the tree! Still not up at our house. I know what you mean about children cooking for you. And both of mine are much better than I am. Bonus!

  4. Your tree looks lovely, as does the cocktail:) Our son and his girlfriend love to cook and are both excellent at it — they now do all the holiday entertaining! Very, very relaxing for moi.

  5. That drink sounds wonderful, and I think drinks and dinner taste even better when your children make them for you. And look at the beautiful tree that resulted! I would try the “have a drink and decorate” strategy here, but it’s only noon. Maybe in a few hours … 🙂

  6. Oh yes! YOUR ANGEL! I hope you find her. She’s such a lovely topper. (I feel like I’ve been popping by your house for years, there, in person, watching the tree come to life and the enjoying a sip with you.) Here’s to you! clink

  7. PERFECTION! I think you have the most beautiful Christmas tree of any I’ve ever seen! Here’s to a drink next to the fire — and under the glow of your wonderful tree. XOXO

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