3-Day Weekending

I had a very welcome day off last Friday! I spent some of it with Ali & the kids, doing a little shopping before the predicted big snowstorm, and lunching.

Afterwards, Jun wanted to "Stay at Nona's!" so he & I spent a few hours together on Friday afternoon. I really enjoy our one-on-one time. His language and communication/conversation skills are exploding.

We played…


…well, he played. We'd recently watched Toy Story, and I found an old Woody hanging around my house — he was thrilled to discover it! And also, quite by accident, to discover  that he stills says, "You're my favorite deputy!"

He helped me find the treetop angel…


And helped with some more decorating…



I read about an estate sale on Saturday morning and got the bug to go! The weather wasn't too bad and it wasn't very far. I certainly don't need anything, but I was drawn to to this sale. I used to go to estate sales with my mom, and Sharon used to come up for regular antique auctions… it was Saturday… And sure enough, I found some UK/England travel stuff that would have caught my Mom's eye (some of the same brochures), and a couple of booklets about Kokopelli that would have intrigued Sharon, and there was also some bedraggled pansy stuff (of which I have a collection). It was Day 2, so had already been picked over, but everything under $50 was half-price and I managed to find a couple of brown transfer plates and a kitchen tool, all for a whopping $3.50.


The amaryllis are… well, one is doing great — the shoot is plumped up and firm; the other is struggling a bit. I am keeping a close watch.

We had a nice chat with Maddy on Saturday night. She was pretty worn down after her recent hike and got slammed with a cold, but is on the mend and currently working on a farm near Abel Tasman. She has plans for Christmas… and I hope we'll be able to chat again once or twice during the thick of the holidays.


I finally cleaned up my workroom a bit and started some sewing! First up: Bathroom window covering re-do. I've been unhappy with those since the day they went up, and they're finally in the trash. I still need to re-do the bottom half of both windows, but the tops are done! I don't know how long that flimsy fabric will last — the sun is brutal in this location — but I am loving the bright white!

I've been knitting my Project Peace Cowl nearly every night. I measured yesterday afternoon and it was exactly 3 feet long.


I've about a foot-and-a-half to go, but am concentrating more on finishing another couple of projects this week:


Christmas presents for Jun & Gin! Some pieces crucial to finishing will be arriving this week!

9 thoughts on “3-Day Weekending

  1. There’s so much to love in your recent posts. Your sister Sharon was beautiful! I’m sorry you miss her so much. Your little ones are so cute. I love Woody hanging upside down in the tree. Isn’t he the cutest toy ever? Your scarf is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what you are making for the grandkids. How, oh how do you get so much done. I made sugar cookies and spritz on Saturday and Sunday and I’m beat. Your energy inspires me! Merry Christmas!

  2. The project for Jun and Gin looks very promising! I wonder which pieces your waiting for (wink, wink). The curtain is going to be fun and fancy! Good job. Thank you for sharing your weekend through pictures. I feel like I’m there.

  3. Gin looks like an adorable baby Buddha! Woody was always a big hit at our house and I enjoy seeing his trapeze skills on the tree. I love your Peace Cowl tableau and how lovely it all looks together. I hope your week is as good as your weekend looks!

  4. That three days read like a whole week – I hope you got some rest once you went back to work 😉 How fun that you have Woody … your house must be Jun’s favorite toy chest! (and oooh, secret knitting looks great – can’t wait to see what those little black things are!)

  5. What a fun weekend! Woody hanging in the tree is a real hoot – love that. Gosh, I have not been to an estate sale in years – they can be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see the finished secret piece for Jun & Gin.

  6. Thanks for sharing your peacefilled weekend. I relaxed just reading it. I know the feeling of finding something at a sale that my mom would have loved. She loved estate sales. Jun and Gin are getting so big. have a wonderful holiday.

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