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Having set a goal to read more in 2016 — and to "read" more audio books — I could not be happier with my Goodreads stats:

Books 2016 summary 2

I just finished reading the 22nd book this morning! That is certainly not a lot of books compared to some, but it is pretty darn good for me! Half of those books were audio books, too, so you can see what a difference that makes! I love to read and have been an avid reader in the past, but I've not devoted a lot of time to it in the past several years — work, grandkids, knitting, sewing, cooking, laundry (not dusting), etc. have all hampered my game in recent years — and the pages turn very slowly!

I've belonged to a book club for years, but have often not read the books — when one reads few books, one is a bit choosy — I'd often be in the middle of something else that I preferred (or perhaps still reading the previous selection). I raved so much about a couple of books this year (A Man Called Ove, Lab Girl), that they were chosen as book club selections even though it wasn't my turn to pick!


2016-Books 1
2016-Books 1

Books 2016 22

A fair number of these books — 13 of them — were squares on my BINGO card, which I love for the potential broadening of one's reading horizons. Also, I love a game that's open to a bit of interpretation/personalization. (I'm still playing that card and trying to finagle Born to Run into the "Presidential Biography" category… what do you think? He is THE BOSS!)

I am grateful, too, for the likes of you — fellow bloggers and dear readers — from suggestions on how to ease into listening rather than reading to book recommendations… Thank you.

Stand outs? I loved the memoirs, especially Composed, Not My Father's Son, and Lab Girl.  A Man Called Ove, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Boston Girl, Code Name Verity, and Hamilton: The Revolution were especially memorable audio — actually, all of the above were audio books!

The bar has been set, now, and I'm looking forward to setting & reaching a higher goal next year!!

Happy New Year!!

10 thoughts on “Book It 2016

  1. A few of your books I’ve read and a few more are on my “to read” list. How did you get your yearly stats from Goodreads? I’ve looked all over and can’t figure it out. Did you do it from the app or did you have to actually log in from a computer? I’d love to see my own!

  2. Have a wonderful new year! I think we have three books in common. I’ve filled one bingo card, and, if I can finish my current book by the end of the day, I will have finished a second bingo card. I don’t anticipate reading that much in 2017, not planning on being non ambulatory, lol.

  3. Happy 2017, Vicki! Thanks for the book suggestions. One of my new year goals is to get blogging so I will let you know when that happens.

  4. What a great year of reading! I still have Lab Girl on my list… and my bookclub will be discussing A Man Called Ove next month. I can’t wait! Here’s to more great books and reading in 2017!

  5. Good for you for all of that reading! I’ve read and enjoyed quite a few of the same books but will be adding Lab Girl to my list per your recommendation.

  6. I’ll read Lab Girl this year based on your recommendation. One of the books I loved listening to is A Gentleman in Moscow and Louis Penny’s books are great books, but even better when you listen.

  7. Oh, wonderful! 🙂 I’ve always been more a Reader than anything else — so my knitting didn’t really take off and become a frequent activity until audiobooks became easier to get — and more current. Audiobooks are a great way to “read” . . . and do something else! Here’s to happy reading in 2017! XO

  8. I have always been a reader, but hated that I had to choose between reading and knitting or other activities. Audiobooks have changed my life for the better, and one of my next listens is going to be Lab Girl, thanks to you. I love the anticipation of all the wonderful new books to be published this year! Happy Reading in 2017!

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