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Long Weekending

On Thursday after work, I stopped by my LYS for Pussy Hat yarn!


I was delighted to learn that the owner of the shop, along with her husband & daughter, was heading to the march Washington, DC. She gave me a wee discount on the yarn, too, since it was "for the cause." ❤

As of last night I have two finished hats — one each in the dark & light solid. I plan to cast on a third this evening, and get them all in the mail by the weekend. If I looked any good in hats at all, I'd keep one for myself… but YUCK. I have plenty of leftovers, though, and plan on making hats for Gin & Jun… it'll be AWESOME with his sparkle shoes!

While procrastinating on Friday morning about some office work that needs to be done, I started cleaning out, organizing, and rearranging some cupboards. I had decided that if they weren't needed or used during the holidays, I was going to get rid of a set of dishes and most of the stemware.


Well, we didn't use them… so OUT! Formerly occupying that blank spot on the right of the second shelf, those dishes had been sitting there, largely undisturbed, for years. So silly. And the wine glasses… good grief. I'm not sure why or how I accumulated so many but they, too, have just been taking up space (and getting awfully dirty).

Ali hit the jackpot, walking in at the perfect time to carry off the dishes — and was happy to do so, saying that she barely has two plates at home that match these days! She declined the wine glasses, however, so they're currently in a box… ultimately headed to the thrift store if there are no other takers.

I moved some cookbooks, redistributed some bowls and other glassware… there's ROOM… unfilled spaces, even! I can't stop admiring my work. Heheh.

On Saturday, I played the annual game of Christmas Tetris!


Kate helped me with the undecorating, putting away all of their ornaments and quite a few of the rest. Even while decorating, I was making plans to purge some of that holiday stuff (there was a fair bit that we didn't put on the tree in the first place)… and I ended up with two fewer boxes to put away — one of them is full of other smaller boxes for recycling, and the other is also destined for the thrift shop. There was also a bag for the trash!

We've left the tree up with only the lights on for a little Hygge glow. Naturally, there's half a string in the middle of the tree that just went out… I'm chill.

Finally, amaryllis watch:


One of them is growing, the other is not.


I don't think it's dying, either, so I just keep watching…

8 thoughts on “Long Weekending

  1. You had a very productive weekend! Cleaning out cupboards and closets can be very rewarding. My pantry needs some ruthless action. Hygge is so important in this chilly gray season and I left my lights up for the same reason.

  2. That yarn is gorgeous, as are cleared cupboards, pared-down Christmas, and new growth! Somehow it’s a little easier to clean out and reorganize when warm weather isn’t beckoning us outside, and we’re stuck inside amongst too much stuff. Way to go!

  3. I love when Hannah carts off some of my stuff, too! Tis the season for decluttering, I think. I also think your amaryllis will grow, it’s just a late starter.

  4. Oh, I know what you mean when you say you “kept admiring your work.” Any time I clear out/reorganize anything, I always keep going back, again and again . . . opening a cupboard or closet door . . . to just LOOK. So satisfying!
    And you’ll enjoy your slow amaryllis when it blooms later! (I have one that is creeping along at a snail’s pace.)

  5. What a great feeling to clear out and get rid of “things!” I could stand to do a bit more of that. Maybe you’ll have an Easter Amaryllis??? I used to have a Christmas cactus that would bloom in the summer. Beautiful yarn!

  6. good job with the cleaning up and clearing out! (doing a bit of that with my mom this weekend – looks like I’ll be going home with a few family treasures!) and yay for the continued growth on both of your bulbs; bet we’ll have blooms together in a week or so!

  7. I’ve got to do some attacking this winter myself. At least two Saturdays should be spend doing some throwing! I love your yarn choices! There are two done in my house, one waiting for the side seaming. They’ll be leaving town on Thursday on the heads of a couple of friends.

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