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“One more excellent Pussyhat story!”

I never gave a thought to what would happen to Pussyhats beyond the march(es) on January 21st, but clearly they go on…

Anais, recipient of one of my hats at the DC march, is a social worker at an alternative high school. Last week was Spirit Week at her school and, as part of that, Thursday was Hat Day; she wrote:

Your hat is out and proud!

Sharing with permission, on Friday, she wrote again:

One more excellent Pussyhat story!

On Thursday, when I was wearing your hat for Hat Day, I walked by one of my coworkers talking to one of the students. This particular student has some serious mental issues, and has been trapped in many broken systems.

When I walked by, the student, seeing my hat, gave me a huge hug and said, "Thank you for standing up against Trump!"

I think it underscores how important symbols will be in this movement — hats, flags, safety pins — to communicate safety, solidarity, and support.

I like to think that I have a warm, accepting energy, but your hat was the reason this student felt safety in that moment. Thank you for that. I am so proud to wear it.

Is that amazing, or what!?? I'm so grateful to Anais for sharing her stories and for her willingness to allow me to share, and I'm so excited to hear more!

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Y'all are so sweet to defend my cat(s). Haha, but no.


14 thoughts on ““One more excellent Pussyhat story!”

  1. Oh! What a great story! Of course symbols are important – it’s just that when there is nothing behind the symbol it ceases to be effective.

  2. This is awesome in the best sense of the word! You forged a connection by knitting the Pussyhat, and Anais forged connections by wearing it. Lately, I’ve been thinking about symbols like the Pussyhat, and I love Anais’ thoughts on their importance. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a great story! When you replied to my comment saying that one had been worn to a high school, my thought was that while it might be received silently, it might be the encouragement at least one student needed to get through the day or days to come. How wonderful to know it did matter to someone that probably feels let down by the people in charge on many days.

  4. Now that’s a story with a smile – thank you for sharing it with us, Vicki! (but mostly, thank you for knitting and then sharing that hat!)

  5. What a great story! Awesome. Well-done Vicki…so glad the women who received the hats you made are getting in touch with you.

  6. So happy for you and the women who received them. I knit 8. I heard from two women. One sent me a photo of the 6 women in her group wearing my hats in Boston. The other one sent a photo of their contingent (my other 2 hats) that went from here (NH) to Washington, DC. I love that knitters were able to help to galvanize the nation and the world! As someone else wrote, “hear us roar.”

  7. So awesome! I received a note from my marcher today with photos of her and the march in Boston. Such a wonderful feeling to see my hat out there!

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