FO: Rainbow Warrior Cowl


I dyed the "colorful" yarn back in November. I kept one hank for myself, and must have taken the other to the shop. For the striped cowl, I combined it with some indigo yarn that I'd dyed at some earlier date and I love how it turned out! In the knitting up, the other colors played very well with and toned down even the brightest bright yellow, and the solid indigo helped to subdue it all even further. Not that I don't like brights, but YIKES!



Also, new specs.

Have a great weekend!

12 thoughts on “FO: Rainbow Warrior Cowl

  1. Lovely yearn! And I Really love the specs! I need to get new glasses and it is always a struggle to find the right ones…love those…You look great in them!

  2. LOVE your cowl! Both yarns are great and you’ve combined them in a spectacular way. I think it looks like a lovely yarn interpretation of Starry Night!

  3. I’m really intrigued by how well those colors play together – the cowl turned out beautifully – and it looks great on you! As do the new specs – happy weekend!

  4. Love the new specs, which look comfortable and fashionable. (I’m in need of a lightweight pair, therefore comfort is something I’m look at.) The cowl also looks both comfortable and fashionable! Nice job of pairing bright and bold with something that shows it off perfectly.

  5. I love the way your colors work together on your cowl. I’m always inspired by the colors you dye. Sharp looking glasses!

  6. Love your cowl – the colors together are perfect! And your new glasses are marvelous. I need some new ones and I HATE picking them out. You look so pretty!

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