FO: Project Peace Cowl



Knitting in the round on a circular needle is my least favorite way to knit. I loved the whole idea behind this project, but didn't have any "peaceful feelings" about making it until it was suggested that the pattern be modified. Of course!

I did a few calculations and ended up provisionally casting on 45 stitches, working a 3-stitch I-cord in contrasting color on each side of the 39-row pattern. I knit and knit and knit — 210 pattern repeats, and finished with a 3-needle bind off.

It turned out quite nice. I might have made it a little wider and/or a little shorter, but it makes a nice couple of nice loops 'round my neck right now, and I love the colors.

_ _ _ _ _

Hey, it's FRIDAY!! I woke up this morning to snow mingled with "wintry mix" and a couple flashes of light followed by rumbling… THUNDERSNOW!

Tomorrow is the final day of the Best Picture Festival and I'm looking forward to that, and then the OSCARS on Sunday night! Tomorrow's line up is Fences, Lion, Arrival, Manchester By The Sea, and Moonlight (which I've already seen, so will likely skip… five movies in one day is a lot!).


There's going to be some serious stash-busting/leftover-using pom pom making around here. So fun!

Happy Weekend!!

8 thoughts on “FO: Project Peace Cowl

  1. I love the way your Peace Cowl turned out, Vicki! Just fabulous! Have fun with all the movies . . . and I can’t wait to see what you do with all those poms.

  2. Beautiful Peace Cowl! I’m picking away at mine. Should be good for next fall! At this point and seeing yours I may even add the icord!

  3. Your Peace Cowl turn out beautifully. I love the colors you chose. Sorry you are back to the wintry weather – especially after your sweet outing the other day. We (Eastern PA) are still in sunny warm weather today, but rain is on the way tomorrow and then lower temps as of Sunday. BUT…March 20th is not too far away!!

  4. I loved your Peace Cowl at the park yesterday, and am glad to see your details. I love your colors and your peaceful-feeling modifications. I’m still plugging away on my original in-the-round, but have already bought yarn for my next one. Can’t wait to see what you’re doing with pom-poms!

  5. Love your Peace Cowl and your photos of it are superb! I haven’t seen many of the Oscar nominations, but I saw Moonlight and loved it. More people should see it, imo. We still have winter, which is planning to stick around for awhile. That wintry mix hit us in a squall line Wednesday night and Tuesday night we had the thundersnow! I understand you’re pain. Your cowl should keep you warm. xox

  6. Your Peace Cowl seems like the perfect metaphor for the Oscars. I hope tomorrow night’s broadcast ends as gracefully and beautifully!

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