2017-Spain+ (Dublin-Madrid-Barcelona-Valencia)

Bags are packed

Well, I was up at about 4:15 this morning… not by design, but because instead of popping up every 5 minutes to write things down so I wouldn't forget, I decided to just get up and do.the.things!

Maybe that means I'll get some good sleep on the plane tonight.

I never did get a chance to pick up the book I had on hold at the library, so will surely finish Barbara Kingsolver's "Homeland." I have a few hours left listening to Wallace Stegner's "Crossing to Safety," so have downloaded "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon… it's set in Barcelona, so it seems fitting!! I also have a book downloaded to Kindle called "Illustrated Valencia Noir" by Isis Sousa & Ove Neshaug.

My small carry-on is packed and once I deliver the boxes of graham crackers (for the crust of Mack's requested cheesecake birthday cake) and Cheez-its (for Addy), I'll have room to bring a little something home with me, too!

Besides PJs, socks & underwear, I've packed a handbag, two pairs of sandals, two capri pants, a skirt, a dress, eight tops, a cropped sweater and a long cotton sweater. I'm wearing a pair of cropped pants, a top, a long lightweight sweater — and will be switching out to a pair of tennies and compression socks when we're at the airport.

I found a nice, not-too-big tote for my "personal item." I have my dossier including schedules, tickets, boarding passes, maps, etc., wallet w/passport inside (it's been there for a couple of weeks — since I woke from a dream that we were at the airport and I'd forgotten it!) (I got up right then and put it in my wallet), tablet, phone, chargers, tissues, antacid, ibuprofen, and liquids.

And — because I had so much time this morning — even some knitting! I've packed the third pair of Squad Mitts, wherein mitt #1 is about 3/4 finished, and a bag full of scraps for hexipuffs! Seems like good, carry-on, portable, small knitting…

Think good thoughts for Maddy. She's flying Qatar Airways and called in a bit of a panic last night after the news. Everything should be OK, from what I've seen. She's a wonderful traveler, except when it comes to actually traveling (flying, in particular)!!

Kate & I are heading to the airport in about :30. So excited.

10 thoughts on “Bags are packed

  1. Good thoughts for Maddy! I can’t wait to hear about your reunion! The Shadow of the Wind was SO good, as were the next two in the series. Hope you catch some shuteye! I’m SO EXCITED for you!

  2. Oh, have fun!!! (I never sleep well as I’m preparing for a trip. Too much “busy-brain.”) I can’t wait to hear about your adventures. XO

  3. I’m late too, but wish safe and fun travels for all. Shadow of the Wind – EXCELLENT choice – such a great book. I’m thinking the Cheez-Its and Graham Crackers will make way for some nice Spanish yarn, right??

  4. GAH, I guess you’ve safely landed now! Excellent reading and travel knitting choices. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip – enjoy!!

  5. Hope you’re having a wonderful time! Please tell Maddy I’ve loved following her adventures and her last post made me cry. What a sweetheart.

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