Right Now...

Right Now

Anticipating… Rusty's return! He's been in California for most of the summer — art stuff, a residency, visiting family & friends, projects. I'm looking forward to having him back in residence here!

Celebrating… A nice stretch of warm & mostly dry weather ahead! It has been an awfully rainy (and humid) summer so far, so this is quite welcome.


Charmed by… this photo that Ann sent me last week with the caption: Casting off! Wedding dishcloth!!

Enjoying… The county fair! It opened on Tuesday, and Maddy & I went last night. I haven't been to that particular fair in many, many years… possibly since I was in junior high! I worked for my aunt during the summer between 7th & 8th grades. She was blowing glass back then and, in addition to sales, I painted/decorated the pieces that needed that sort of thing! We did the circuit all over WI & MN that summer… so much fun!


Anyway, we didn't go on a single ride, but we did tour every barn! The judge in the photo above — middle right, wearing jeans & plaid shirt, talking to young man with a sheep — was talking with that young man the entire time that we watched. He was so patient and you could tell that he was genuinely interested in sheep, but even more in demonstrating & explaining to every person there how to show their sheep in the best possible way.


I know the knitter of those 1st Place socks! I loved the whimsy of the little embroidery sampler pillow.


Some of it was pretty impressive! (FYI: You Can Do It Afghan is a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarns.)


I'm thinking that it might not be my last county fair of the year… there are three more within a :20-30 minute drive happening in the next month or so!


Knitting… Forest Mystery continues to grow!!

Looking forward to… A relatively uneventful weekend and a chance to get things cleaned up at home! Auntie Camp stuff sits atop a big pile o' other stuff that needs to be put away.


Planning… A trip!

Reading… The same stuff I've been reading.


Remembering… Hang time with the dude at Wednesday night's concert in the park. We spent a good part of that afternoon together, too.

Sewing… My craft/free time has been devoted to knitting the shawl, but there are some sewing projects on my mind and underway (in the pile)!

Watching… Game of Thrones… I've been knitting to it… currently on Season 5.

Wondering… What's up with you right now!?

8 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. I like the yarn and the pattern of those socks, that long-legged chicken, and the sheep! I’m wondering about your AL trip and GoT. I’ve never watched even one episode, but think I might be missing something. Forest Mystery is gorgeous, so here’s to it growing even more and safe travels to Rusty!

  2. You’re cooking with gas on that shawl Vicki! Congratulations to the sock winner too! I actually considered entering last years MKAL in a local fair but it was pretty paperwork heavy and rules, rules, rules about drop off, pick up, etc. so I decided against it. Here’s to having Rusty home again! Very exciting. 🙂 (As well as that Alabama adventure!)

  3. Also looking forward to a week of good weather! We’re in the Madison area and were starting to consider building an ark!

  4. Our county fair is happening even as I type.I helped set up the interior of our local Dems party tent on Wednesday night and will work there all day on Saturday. One year there was a lobster roll stand next to us; that was HEAVEN. But they didn’t return.

  5. that fair looks like so much fun – I haven’t been to one since I was a kid. and one of my girlfriends is from Florence and Sheffield is my maiden name (although we’re from Southwestern Alabama)… sure to be an awesome trip!

  6. I love local fairs like that. We haven’t been able to go to ours for several years because it’s always the same week as our Cape Cod vacation.

  7. You like the same parts of a fair that I do. Crafts and animals are the best! I didn’t realize the You Can Do I was knit!! I can’t tell you how excited I am that YOU are going to a class in Florence. To be a fly on the wall!!

  8. I am glad Rusty is making his way home! And, I am envious of your AC trip! So.much.fun! I am with Margene – to be a fly on the way!!

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