I'll be heading back down to the wedding venue this afternoon to retrieve a lost earring! I discovered one missing upon returning to the hotel on Friday night; emailed a photo of it to the owner on Saturday and she emailed a similar photo right back! Man, that could have been lost ANYWHERE, and it's just amazing that someone found it. It might not have been such a big deal had it not been from the pair that I bought at the alternative craft fair that we'd happened upon in Valencia!!

Before returning home on Saturday, Ali needed to run an errand to Waukesha… long sad angsty story about supplier screw-ups. We bit the bullet and made the trek (resolved, but not smoothly), with the promise of a stop at the pumpkin patch on the way home!

Normally, a day in mid-September would be perfect for such a stop, but man was it HOT!


We took a ride on the hay wagon, and Ali & Gin picked a bag of Gala apples while Jün started scoping out pumpkins. I can't believe that I took ZERO video and only two photos, but I was carrying lots of stuff (including kids at various times). I'd really like to return in about a month…

Maddy's off on another adventure!


She's been planning & packing for weeks, departing at 5:30 this morning, bound for a 3-week canoe trip with a friend in the Boundary Waters. That's a Snapchat photo she sent after they picked up the canoe. She has a nice, new, very warm sleeping bag, a good rain jacket & a tent, plenty of food & a good First Aid kit, new paddles… all I can do is wish them luck and wait for photos & stories upon her return.

6 thoughts on “Goings-on

  1. Those must be magical, charmed earrings to find the lost one relatively easily; I’m so glad you did because they are beautiful! Love Jun’s bonnet and Maddy’s sense of adventure!

  2. I’m so glad you found the earrings, which I remember from your post! I had to look up Boundary Waters and once again I am impressed with Maddy’s sense of adventure! Best of luck and joy to her on the trek!

  3. So glad you found your earring (or they found it)! What luck. Gin is too cute in that little bonnet. My little brother loved canoeing the Boundary Waters (years and years and years ago – some scouting trip). Your Maddy certainly is adventurous!! And back to New Zealand – hope she writes another blog.

  4. What a stroke of luck that your earring was found. That must be a good sign, even as your child heads out into the wild again. I have a friend who has worked hard to make her children into citizens of the world. She loves/hates that she was so successful in teaching them there is a whole world out there waiting for them. They are finishing advanced degrees, but spend their summers in Asia and Africa doing research.

  5. So glad things worked out with the earrings! (They’re truly charmed.) It’s amazing how HOT it is suddenly, isn’t it? I don’t think it was this hot all summer . . . I hope Maddy has a WONDERFUL adventure! What fun! XO

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