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Unraveled + 3TT – FO: Another Striped Hat

Ooops, a day late with the Unraveling! Things got away from me yesterday. We're all a bit frazzled 'round here for some reason… all that heavy equipment outside, shutting off water, temporarily hooking up water, new refrigerator delivery delayed… everyone's been so nice, but… frazzled!


One — A Finished Object! I knit a hat for Gin/Jün while we were in the U.P. I cast on Saturday morning in our cottage as we drank coffee. I continued while Rusty walked the blustery beach at Whitefish Point, and as we made our way from here to there and everywhere. I finished on Sunday as we watched the Packer game on TV. This photo is after the 3-needle bind-off but before sewing the side seam — I had to take my opportunity to dash outside while there was still a bit of natural light!


  • Ravelry Project Page: Another Striped Hat for Gin
  • Pattern: This is what I did (an unvented pattern as follows)
    • CO 98 sts (includes 1 selvage st at each side)
    • Work 2×2 rib for 2” (begin each row with slip and k1 or p1)
    • Work in stockinette stitch, with or without stripes, for approx. 6.75" (including ribbing)
    • Knit half-way across, then fold & manipulate needles as needed in order to work 3-needle bind-off
    • Sew up side seam
  • Yarn:
    • Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Superwash Solids (Pinks #48 & 21)
    • Malabrigo Yarn Rios (#57 English Rose)
  • Needles:  US 6
  • Start to Finish:  October 7-8, 2017

Two — Reading. Ali was working on Tuesday morning when I stopped at the coffee shop on the way to work. She said with a wink that Jün was planning to sleep over again! That was fine by me! He was excited to find the books we'd read the week before still upstairs:


The Little House has been a favorite since I was a child, and I'm so happy to read it again. Bushbaby was a favorite of Maddy's — likely purchased at a book fair!


There was an old Living magazine up there, which we paged through… those cookies on the cover were quite interesting! And he pointed to Julia Roberts in an ad and said, "That's Maddy"!

Then Harry hit the scene!


He found all of Maddy's well-read Harry Potter paperbacks on the bookshelf and was apparently quite intrigued! He pulled them out — plus a couple of others — and added them to the reading pile!


He seemed happy enough with my reading of one random page from each book in the stack!

In terms of my own, I am still reading Still Life with Breadcrumbs by Anna Quindlen (pages) and listening to Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am enjoying both quite a bit, even though it's been slow going. "Big Magic" came out of nowhere… I'm not usually into self-help-ish books very much, but her TED Talk, Your Elusive Creative Genius, is still one of my favorites — and I fell in love with her voice.

Three — Knitting. Yeah. Woman [continues to] Make Her Own Arrows.


I'm on the final section, which I'm knitting as a color "shift," these are the colors I've chosen — now I just have to get going! (once I'm less frazzled)

Joining Kat/Carole for Unraveling/Three on Thursday — check them out!

10 thoughts on “Unraveled + 3TT – FO: Another Striped Hat

  1. I love Gin’s hat, and I really love Jun’s approach to reading! I used to read anything I was trying to read out loud to Ryan when he was a baby, so he was exposed to knitting, fiction, and hematology at a young age. I hope to see your Arrows soon, and that the frazzle index goes down greatly!

  2. I imagine all of that noise and work outside is disruptive and that would definitely lead to frazzle-ness. Sounds like you’re doing great things and enjoying it all in spite of those challenges.

  3. Frazzled seems to be in the air – I am feeling it here too! I am grateful that tomorrow is Friday and am relishing a quiet weekend with not much to do on any list!
    I hope the outside disruptions settle soon!

  4. I just picked up an English Rose Rios! The color is lovely. And I started Big Magic Monday evening. I’m going to look up the TED talk.
    I enjoyed your Three Things. 🙂

  5. I laughed out loud seeing Ayn Rand in Jun’s pile 🙂 But the idea of Harry Potter certainly gives me pause. I cannot WAIT to read those books to Charlie. Also, I love the hat – would it be gilding the lily to add pom-poms to the corners?

  6. Here’s hoping the frazzling abates quickly! When you add everything up it’s no wonder you’re all frazzed! Jun is going to be a reader! You’re so smart to think of reading him one line from each book.

  7. You have my deep sympathy on the frazzle bit. We live in a townhouse, and our next door neighbor is having some sort of deck reno done. So, power tools all day. They workers are very nice, but it’s still power tools at close proximity. Yay for the weekend for everyone!

  8. The Little House is a family fav- have you read Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel? Along similar lines by the same author.

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