Weekending: Windows

As part of the ongoing/seemingly never-ending water & sewer re-do in the neighborhood, Rusty was asked to open a window to make it easier getting the new lines into our basement. Hopefully, that work is happening today; if not today, then tomorrow.


That window hasn't budged an inch since we moved in 30+ years ago! It took a little convincing & leverage, but it was done. I was amused when Rusty climbed up on the outside sill. That wall he's standing on is at least 3' thick. Crazy.


Anyway, as a result of opening that window, say hello to my new dye studio! Well, it will be. Rusty had to get a bunch of other/unused stuff out of the way for those guys, too, leaving a bit of a blank slate. I had eyed up a different room in the basement for this purpose, but there were a few too many strikes/hurdles. I didn't really even consider this area until now (so THANKS to the ongoing/seemingly never-ending water & sewer re-do in the neighborhood???), but it has everything — natural light, water, power. It just needs some cleaning up & prettifying! Ya-freakin-hoo. I've been dyeing a bit more lately and it's such a PITA having to pull everything out and put it all away every.single.time.

Speaking of which…


New project with little "windows" on the needles.


I'm not saying anything more about that now except hand-dyed mostly speckled yarn and, at the moment, I am living for the rare red-orange bits. More on Unraveled Wednesday — which is also Day 1 of NaBloPoMo!! I'm actually bucking my usual m.o. of nearly 14 years (9th year of NaBloPoMo) and planning some posts in advance!

There it is, a window into my world right now. Hope you had a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Weekending: Windows

  1. I love when an unexpected area of a home opens up like that! The house I grew up in had 3 rooms in the basement and it was really cool. My house now has a dirt cellar so it’s pretty unusable and mostly just the home to many, many spiders.

  2. I just read an article about the butterfly effect and this is a terrific real-life example! I never would have guessed that water and sewer work would lead to your dye studio, but I’m glad it did. I had to make some NaBloPoMo plans myself this morning, just to make sure I didn’t use too many topics too soon. So I totally get waiting until Unraveled Wednesday and will be looking forward to red-orange bits and windows!

  3. In our house we would say winning! (Oh that Charlie Sheen…) We have a scary cellar too…nothing happens there except the oil burner cleaning! Loving that yarn Vicki!

  4. oh Vicki – that space is Awesome! I can’t believe how much natural light you get in your BASEMENT??!! Love the sneak peak into your windows project, too – and yay you for getting a head start on the daily posts 🙂

  5. What a cool side effect of the endless digging and tearing up. I await the knitting disclosure on Wednesday.

  6. Oh, That Project . . . it really IS never-ending, isn’t it??? (And you know I’m not talking about the knitting.) HOW COOL that you can discover and claim a whole new part of your house . . . after 30 years!!! Your new dye-spot will be the “dividend” from all the digging. (Talk about a PITA. . . )

  7. We had a water project that took a day and I really thought it would never end. I can’t believe how long your sewer work is taking and I’m so sorry they can’t move any faster! BUT, A DYE STUDIO! That is freaking awesome! You’ll certainly take full advantage of the extra space. Your project does have a butterfly effect (Bonny makes the best observations) and I’m looking forward to NaBlo to hear more!

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