NaBloPoMo 2017

Progress & Waiting / 4

They're not yet finished in the neighborhood, but they're finished in front of my house and ya-freakin'-hoo.


Now I'm awaiting the call "30 minutes prior" to refrigerator delivery. I'm not sure I'll be able to have all hands on deck right then, but it'll be here.

Meanwhile, the kids were over for a while today.



And I rearranged the upstairs bedroom (back the way I like it) (new comfy mattress coming soon).


{{{drumming fingers}}}

9 thoughts on “Progress & Waiting / 4

  1. I hope the new refrigerator is happily ensconced in your kitchen by now, but even if it’s not, you do have the most adorable grandchildren. The back bedroom looks quite welcoming (I LOVE that doors painting on the wall)!

  2. I trust your fridge has arrived and you’ve already laden it with all the necessities. And maybe a few treats. Congrats!

  3. Love the pix of the kiddos. Awaiting pix of the new fridge. Is the manhole cover clogged with tar? Looks like it in the pic. Yay to them being finished in front of your house.

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