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/ 18


Except for picking up & pitching walnuts with the kids — something that happened again today with Jün — my yard/garden clean up has been pretty slack this year. I don't mind that, sometimes, and perhaps soon there'll be some snow atop this spent hydrangea. (It was so cold today that there could have been snow!)

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  1. I tend to leave my dried hydrangeas for spring cleanup. I love the look of the spent blooms in the fall — and they look pretty awesome with a dusting of snow. (In fact, I might have that view by tomorrow. It’s supposed to snow tonight . . . ) XO

  2. That’s how I feel about our tall grasses – I don’t cut them back until spring and it’s totally not because I’m too lazy to do it in the fall, it’s because I like to see them with snow. Yep. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. Hydrangeas are beautiful no matter in full bloom or dried to a crisp. I wonder if you’ll get snow. The storm didn’t drop much more than rain on its way to you.

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