It’s beginning to look a lot like…


Christmas! That's a main intersection on "The Avenue of Angels." It's not quite the one I remember from childhood, but it's way better than the "Avenue by Candlelight" that took over for a few years when the original angels were no longer usable.


I took that quick snap on Friday night when we were on our way to the first real holiday party of the season — most of the gang pictured above! I loved the silhouette.


We brought the tree up from the basement on Sunday morning. I have one string to replace in readiness for a family decorating party on Tuesday night with the whole gang.

Heads up: the Snowfall Beanie by Benjamin Matthews caught my eye, and is a free Ravelry download until tomorrow 12/12). It's a nicely textured hat knit with bulky yarn… in case you're looking for something like that!

7 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. I enjoy seeing Christmas decorations from all around the country (and world)! Your tree is going to be so beautiful (as usual) and I know you’ll have cute, cute photos of the kiddos in action!

  2. A family decorating party! We did ours yesterday with help from Colin & Mailing. Thanks for the hat link…I may just have to knit one up fast!!

  3. There was a decorated intersection like that in the city where I grew up – and one day on our way to church it was super windy and the giant bell that was in the middle of the intersection FELL on the hood of our car!

  4. Look at all that Christmas going on! I love those angels and that you brought the tree up. We have snowflakes in our town, but only a few actually seem to be lit up this year, and this has caused great concern and uproar on the town facebook groups. (Sometimes I read the discussions just for entertainment!)

  5. I love downtown Christmas decorations — and yours remind me so much of the ones from my childhood! Fun! Your tree decorating party will be wonderful. How fun to get everyone together! You’ll be able to re-live a lot of memories . . . while making plenty of new ones. XO

  6. It is definitely looking like Christmas … lights and parties and a super-quick gift knit 🙂 Have fun decorating the tree tomorrow night!

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