Smitten with the kittens

A blurry screen shot from yesterday's 1SE video taken at Knit Night, having just attached at the head of Kitten #2.


I didn't have the right colors with me, so I started his shirt when I got home. These guys are so flippin' cute! I can't wait to finish their faces.

In other news:


Yesterday — December 21st


Today – December 22nd

The difference is almost imperceptible — but a difference there is!! It's been overcast here and we've even had a little bit of snow — not the 12" hinted at earlier in the week (thank god)! I'd love a good snow storm (and possible snow day) but not right before Christmas with all the travel headaches that would cause. The contingent from Spain will be winging their way west tomorrow morning, spending Christmas in Madison and coming up here mid-week or so.

It's been a crazy couple of months but it's coming together — even if that means taking over a table at the coffee shop this morning and filling last-minute gift bags for co-workers on the spot! I'm working for most of the day today, then off for three… I'm really looking forward to next week, when I'll be off Thursday to Monday!

How's it going for you??

8 thoughts on “Smitten with the kittens

  1. Those sleepy kitties are just The Cutest! 😀
    Now that our big party is in the history books, I feel light and breezy and ready to head into the holidays! (Maybe I’ll even cast on a hat for my dad. . . )

  2. I’m very glad to see Kitten #2 with a head (and I’m sure soon to have a sweet face, shirt, and be well-loved). Wishing you a very Happy Christmas, wonderful days off, and maybe even some more kittens and clothes in 2018!

  3. Those kitties are so sweet and you’ve done such a nice job with the details and making them individual. The kids are going to LOVE them!!

  4. Christmas in your house is going to be full of joy and excitement! I’m tempted to make a little kitten just for myself as they are so sweet and look so cozy. Surely, they will be big hits. Happy Christmas, Vicki!!

  5. The days are lighter upon waking but darkness still too early. Love your kittens- I just finished a bunch of snowman ornaments. I also got a copy of Geometry of hand sewing for Chanukah-it’s wonderful!!

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