3TT: Three Things on Thursday

3TT: Changes

Joining Carole and friends again this week for Three on Thursday…

1 – At this time next week, Maddy will be winging her way to NZ for another stint at the winery! She's been staying with us since Christmas, and will head back to Milwaukee early next week so her friend can take her to O'Hare on Wednesday.


2 – Meanwhile, she's been painting my kitchen! At one time, we were loftily thinking that she'd be able to whack out new paint jobs in both the kitchen and our living area, but hahahahahaha. Did we ever underestimate that, especially given holidays — and some unexpected dental work. Excruciating tooth pain does not a happy painter (or daughter) make, and when said pains thwarts even NYE celebrations with friends, you know it's bad. We've never in our lives been so happy about a near-emergency root canal!

Anyway, the kitchen is almost a complete reversal — once-maroon walls are now nearly white, and white trim/woodwork is becoming a warm dark gray. I loved my maroon kitchen, but it was time for a refresh. It's looking rather stark right now, but decor will make a big difference. (Right?)


3 – And we're getting in all the blurry hugs & cuddles that we can!

9 thoughts on “3TT: Changes

  1. Sorry to hear about the emergency root canal!
    And it’s easy to underestimate the amount of time those home improvement projects can take, even ones as “simple” as painting. I’d hoped we could get our entryway, two accent walls and our kitchen painted before my mom came at Christmas, but we only ended up with the entryway and one accent wall done. I still love it and now we have a whole year to get any remaining painting done!

  2. We (and by we I mean Dale) painted our kitchen in the fall and went from yellow walls and oak woodwork to cream colored walls and white woodwork and I love it. It’s definitely start by comparison but so fresh and bright. I hope you’ll share photos of your kitchen when it’s finished.

  3. You’ll have some great decor to take away the starkness of the white. Maddy likes to keep busy! Happily she was able to get the work she needed on the tooth wasn’t stuck in the far reaches of NZ when the pain attacked. Here’s to her safe travels and magnificent adventures!

  4. I’m sorry about the root canal, but glad that Maddy could get it taken care of before NZ, and get back to painting! The kitchen will look great and enjoy all the hugs!

  5. Well ugh about the root canal, but glad it was fixed (I imagine that would’ve been really awful if it had happened in NZ!) Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen … and more blurry kiddo hugs!

  6. Root canals are never fun but I’m glad it got done before she left. How long will she be gone? The huggings look like great fun. Looking forward to before and after pix of the kitchen. happy new year!

  7. Echoing everyone else – glad Maddy’s issue was now and not later in NZ. Safe travels to your girl. Will she be blogging again from afar? I enjoyed her posts before.
    I’ll bet your new kitchen will be so bright! Please show pics when complete.

  8. Sooo happy the timing worked out on that tooth! And the colors are wonderful in that kitchen. Yes…please show the finished project!

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