…or recovery from. It was a busy last half of the week, with the Film Festival on Wednesday, an art opening on Thursday, and a play on Friday. I loved every minute of each of those things, but it's a lot of running around for a home body!


The play was the long-awaited Population 485, and it did not disappoint — very interestingly done.

(I had time for daily stitching before heading out the door!)

The car was parked in the garage on Friday night and I barely left the house all weekend.

On Saturday, I "went as far" as opening and front door and plucking the mail from the box (one foot & one arm required outside).


The most amazingly bepigtailed kids came over on Sunday (if you haven't seen the video I posted on Instagram… GO NOW) and they wanted to go outside… it was cold, but OK.


We bundled up for a walk and got as far as the house two doors down, then decided just to hang out in the back yard and the playhouse, instead — both are protected from the wind! Parcheesi has often bundled a kid in a stroller, but yesterday it got caught up in a wheel and there's a hole to repair!


I predict the playhouse will see lots of action this summer! Junah will be helping Rusty build one in their back yard, too.


This is the last and slowest of my amaryllis bulbs. The bulb itself has been a lovely, healthy shade of green for quite a while, so I knew something was happening. It's been hard at work and looks like a bud stem emerging, and not just a leaf… and that's exciting! My other two are nothing but leaves (or leaf, as the case may be).

There will be a bit of socialing this week, too. It's also a long week at work, so I'll be looking forward even more to a 3-day weekend… and it won't be long before Nashville is on the horizon!

10 thoughts on “Socialing

  1. Those pigtails!! yay for little ones who come to visit … but boo for Parcheesi getting hurt – hope it’s an easy fix!

  2. OMG – the pigtails! The dancing! Hallelujah! LOL Too much and too funny. They are a trip. What a fun weekend except for Parcheesi – hope that’s an easy mend.

  3. Love the kids hair “plumes”! So adorable. My pot of 3 amaryllis bulbs have been slow too. One has nothing but leaves, one has a bud that skyrocketed overnight and curved like a snake for a day before straightening out again and baby bud below, and one has leaves and a wee bud peeking out. Should be interesting.

  4. I hope that blanket will recover okay! And those kids…love every single shot of them. Here’s to weekends at home! (Didn’t I just say I need to get out more???) 🙂

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