Friday Fotos




From the top:

  • Sleepy Kitten clothing serves dual purpose! (Perfect excuse/justification to knit more.)
  • It took way longer than it should have, but I finally located my knitting belt and now all tools are assembled to knit for the Olympics! I've used much shorter (i.e., 8") needles to successfully cast on Morvarch, ready to switch to the 14-inchers when needed. I will try to catch some video of that when the time comes.
  • It's melting… or it was the other day when this photo was taken. It's snow-covered again now. Bleh.
  • I'd much rather be in Mexico at this cute little casita with Rusty! Timing & various other factors prevented that once again… and he's "working," so that would be somewhat limiting… still. I am going to Nashville next week. It won't be as warm, and there's no ocean or sand, but my sis found a cute Airbnb, I'll represent for her as she graduates — an official ceremony (with rehearsal) and everything — plus some extra-curriculars!

Happy Weekend, y'all! I'm looking forward to some Kid Time and also a trip to IKEA — with an obscenely long shopping list that I like to think of more as a "Reminder to Check This Out/Compare List." Also knitting and the Olympics!!

8 thoughts on “Friday Fotos

  1. Who would’ve guessed that a sleepy kitten outfit would turn into a mini-dress. Too cute. And that Casita looks so lovely. the turquoise/green trim is perfect. Enjoy Nashville!!!

  2. I am so exited to watch your Morvach unfold! So gorgeous!!! (And I don’t even want to talk about Mexico or even Nashville today . . . as I struggle to get out of my own driveway.) XO

  3. Wow, I was all prepared to be jealous with that last Foto. Even Nashville would be warmer than we are today.
    I think a trip to Ikea with “an obscenely long shopping list” should qualify as an Olympic event. In the first match: Vicki v. Sweden…. Go, Vicki!

  4. You sure put a lot of things into this post. That little Casita looks like a perfect place for Rusty to stay. Your Morvarch is going to be fun to watch and I’ll be rooting for you! Nashville with Ann will be so much fun. GO, VICKI!

  5. ooohhh, I cannot wait to see what comes from Rusty’s working adventure in Mexico. sigh. AND your play adventure in Nashville. what a wonderful trip you’ll have! (I just hope those 14″ dpn’s survive the journey 🙂

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