Keep ‘er movin’

On Friday, Rusty & I went to a fundraiser for local youth baseball… a good cause, certainly, but not one we've been involved with since Kate & Ali were on teams over 20 years ago.

The big draw for us was an appearance by Charlie Berens, creator of something called Manitowoc Minute, a YouTube series that Maddy hilariously introduced us to last summer. We like to laugh (often at ourselves), and we are fans! If you are from Wisconsin, or know someone from Wisconsin, or have ever been to Wisconsin…


By the time we purchased tickets, it was standing room only… but we had a great time and the show was fun. It was especially fun to share photos with Maddy!

I did some quilting on Saturday… tax avoidance. But don't worry, I spent plenty of time on taxes, too. (So depressing.)

On Sunday, I helped Rusty carry the new above-fridge cabinet from the basement!


Thankfully, it wasn't a half-inch wider or it would never have made it… we ended up having to pop the hinges from a couple of doors the way it is!

He has since applied and painted the replacement crown molding and is inserting shelving; soon doors, and we're back in business!


Last night, I met Ali at Target. She needed a few things/to get out of the house, and I just happened to have a new pair of specs to pick up… with the most adorable sleepy-headed helper. (She's wearing the Garter Yoke Cardi that I made for her big brother, also worn by her big sister — it's held up well. I love a long-lasting well-wearing item!)

8 thoughts on “Keep ‘er movin’

  1. Looks like a lot of fun there! I’m going to check out Charlie…I wonder if my cousin in Shorewood is familiar?

  2. I love it! (all of it!) … I saw you queue’d Doris Kearns Goodwin’s memoir about growing up with baseball (so I did, too) – is that the event that triggered your interest? Love the new specs, sadly, when I get mine, there won’t be a little one to snuggle in the photo 😉

  3. It must feel GREAT to have that cabinet back! (I love the colors in your kitchen.) How fun that you got to meet the famous Manitowoc Minute dude. He looks like a riot! Your new glasses are perfect — and especially with that little darling curled up just so. XOXO
    (Let’s not talk about taxes, hmmmm?) 😉

  4. Boo for taxes, but a big hooray for a well-built custom cabinet, Charlie Berens (and Rusty’s sweatshirt!), and Malina in the Garter Yoke Cardi! You’ve got lots of photographic evidence that Life is Good!

  5. Great picture of you and Malina (though no neck rolls visible!!). Charlie Berens looks like he is a hoot. And another thumbs up for Rusty’s sweatshirt! A good weekend all around.

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