The merry month of May begins

It was nice to get home on Sunday early enough that I had time to get a few things done (after my nap) and take a walk through the yard.


It's just amazing to remember that just two weeks ago we'd been paralyzed by a blizzard for the better part of a weekend and left with 2' of snow on the ground — the remains of which are still melting at the end of my street, even after nearly 80°F yesterday!

Remember that time when Rusty wrote a book about building clubhouses?

It's coming to life…


They're using the step-by-step guide found in Keep Out! Build Your Own Backyard Clubhouse to build a clubhouse in the kids' backyard!


I'm not sure how this scenario came about, but that's Jün and the neighbor girl sleeping… and waiting for SANTA!!

Must be all the snow.

9 thoughts on “The merry month of May begins

  1. So many beautiful bloodroot unfurling, and the clubhouse photos are the absolute BEST! Rusty and the whole building/nail-sorting/sleeping team are doing a great job!

  2. I love seeing your yard come to life! Spring is so resoundingly beautiful! Look forward to seeing the playhouse come to life, too!
    Sounds like the trick to get the kids to settle down worked!

  3. Are they really sleeping? Such easeful simplicity.
    And a very nice handyman Grandpa.
    The unfurling signs of spring here are a few ferns in the woods, the hidden indigo bunting singing, the broken pale blue stolen robin egg, the skinks peeping around the corner, the sun shining in new spots inside the house . . the list goes on, and every time I see something it feels so good that it is spring.

  4. Wow, the flowers are proof that the snow can’t fool mother nature. Love the pix of Jun and the clubhouse!

  5. What fun! And so cool (cool, too, that they are waiting for Santa). My friend’s granddaughter (6) just said the other day “Christmas is like 10 years away!!!”
    Spring signs are (finally) everywhere. Just glorious!

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