3TT: Three Things on Thursday

3TT: A birthday & other things

Joining Carole and friends this week for Three on Thursday…


For a day or two, I was convinced that she was going to be 3, but no…


Time seems to be racing, but thankfully it's not racing THAT fast… and yesterday we helped our little Ginny celebrate her 2nd birthday!!


Before cake — a really yummy oatmeal-banana-chocolate chip cake!


After cake… and ice cream!

I put together the little doll bed that I bought at IKEA a few months ago and wrapped it up, along with a sweet little summer outfit.


She cracked us all up when she immediately "got into" that bed. Soon enough, she was putting her baby to bed.


Rusty has continued work on their backyard playhouse this week.


He is very patient!! The walls are framed, the roof underlayment is down, and windows chosen and configured.


Just because…


Other Grandma was coaxing coos and maybe even a little smile from Malina! In that last photo, it's all eyes for Mama, though. 

10 thoughts on “3TT: A birthday & other things

  1. That picture of Rusty with all the kids is priceless! Happy Birthday, Gin!! And, just because is perfect!

  2. Jun, Gin and Malina are so beautiful! Love the pics of Rusty building and the kids supervising. Wonderful memories being made.

  3. Could it be that Gin likes to run around nekkid? So cute! Re: messy after eating. Matthew (Younger Son) was a messy eater; we would let the dog clean him up after meals. Both Dog and Boy loved it!

  4. That picture of Gin putting her baby to bed melts my heart. The playhouse is wonderful and the baby is clearly thriving!

  5. Oh, Vicki. I just keep scrolling through your post, over and over again, to see those happy little faces! (Including Rusty’s, by the way.) šŸ™‚ What a fun time for all! (My Erin used to try to fit into her baby-doll bed, too.)

  6. Looks like Rusty has a lot of helpers! The house is going to be a treasure for the kids from beginning right on through all the years of their lives! I love seeing the cute clothes Ali sews for the baby. And just how did Gin get to be 2!?!

  7. Now those are three VERY GOOD things! Gin clearly has some wonderful mama-models in her life – she’s a pro putting the doll to bed šŸ™‚ (also love the bare feet, remembering that it was what, two weeks ago that y’all were up to your knees in snow)

  8. These are THE BEST! I love Rusty’s team of helpers; it’s a wonder he could saw anything, and he certainly is very patient!

  9. Rusty is making great progress in spite of the ‘crew’. Gin seems to have enjoyed her birthday! Malina is looking so different. What are you doing in NY on this next trip?

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