3TT: Three Things on Thursday

3TT: More Prep

Joining Carole and friends this week for Three on Thursday…



Yesterday, after agitating daily for 2 weeks (plus a day – ooops!), it was time for the next step in the process — separating the agents from the alcohol and cooking them in water for a bit. I'll be agitating that concoction for about a week. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, remember back in the day when people/knitbloggers were making their own vanilla extract, mostly as gifts? I recall that there was a particular online shop for the procurement of bottles at a very reasonable price. Does anyone remember the site?

Thing 2 – IN THREES

Since taking this photo last evening, this little project is off the needles!


I'll give it a little bath and find some buttons. The first of three baby knits is almost done! I think I'll make at least one more of these — it's such a quick & fun one-skein project.


Kirsten herself thought that the variegation in the yarn I showed yesterday might mask the stitch pattern too much and, since she's the designer, I've decided to heed her warning. Another Raveler or two expressed concern that the pattern wasn't doing the yarn justice, and that had been a niggling thought. That yarn is GORGEOUS and I love the pairing that I have, so I'm going to save it for something else.

I did a little stash dive and the current yarn on deck for the TTL 2018 Mystery Shawl is this…


This is some of my own hand-dyed yarn — well, one of them is undyed/natural (haha!). The inspiration for the other was a photo of some succulents.


Not this photo. But aren't they just endlessly fascinating? We have a bunch, in the ground or in pots — Kate's plants are all residing with us at the moment, too — and when I spotted this one the other day, I just couldn't resist taking a photo.

Kirsten's Mystery Knit-Along starts TOMORROW! C'mon, there's still time to jump in! I'm excited!!

10 thoughts on “3TT: More Prep

  1. Oh! Rhubarb bitters sounds wonderful. I made rhubarb sorbet the other week (delicious) and I’m thinking it would be great thrown in the blender with vodka…..
    Cute sweater for the little one. one skein projects are just so satisfying aren’t they?
    And thanks for the reminder that I want succulents. I love that they are easy maintenance and always green. Pretty new yarn for the mystery too.

  2. I buy the bottles for homemade vanilla from Amazon and their prices are pretty good. Love the sweater and I think your choices for the shawl are beautiful. I have succulents on the deck this year and they are endlessly pretty – I love all that foliage and texture!

  3. I love the new pairing of yarns for the MKAL!
    Rhubarb bitters…I’m so intrigued. Look forward to hearing how they turn out. I’m actually just starting a jar of vodka vanilla – Mom has reached her limit the the escalating prices for extract, so here we go.

  4. I love your yarn choice for the MKAL… I have my yarn ready to go and will be casting on in the morning tomorrow!
    And, Rhubarb bitters sound divine!

  5. That was a quick – and super cute! baby sweater! I LOVE your new yarn choice(s) for the MKAL … and definitely feel the blue/green succulent vibe. …still need to wind my yarn and see about a needle 🙂

  6. I loved that other yarn, but this pairing seems like it will have a real elegance about it. I declare them both winners, just for different projects.

  7. So many great things in this post! I love creating herbal things that have to steep to let their goodness out. I am using homemade Jamaican vanilla right now. lol The top is adorable; I just love all the little pops of color! And I can see why that succulent is so inspiring; nature gives us the most amazing palette of color in order to inspire us.

  8. Hi….I’m still making my own vanilla and I get the bottles at specialtybottle.com.

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