Weekending: All Kids, (almost) All The Time!

I spent a lot of time with kiddos over the weekend, but managed a little progress on a few of my projects in the “less hectic” periods. I cut out the pieces for another Geranium Dress, worked a little bit on another, and got started on my TTL Mystery Shawl!


Friday evening, out on the pergola, with an adult beverage — ready to go! I am currently a bit more than half-way through the fourth of five repeats for Clue #1, and it is quite enjoyable (and beautiful) so far. I’m very happy with the change of yarn so far.

On Saturday, I picked up “the big kids” to go to a Native American Dance Performance presented by the Menominee Nation at the Grignon Mansion.


We took a shuttle bus from the library to get there… “On the buth,” said Ginny with a grin. There was a demo of a few historic yard games that kids might have played in the 1850s, and we tried them all! Ginny and I joined in one of the dances, too!


The Trapezette Dress has been seeing lots of action.  😉

Ali filled in at work yesterday so a co-worker could attend a memorial & Rod had an afternoon gig, so I had all three!


Junah does not willingly pose for photos very often, but when he put on the life vest that he found in the shed, I suggested that we send a pic to Maddy and he was all for it. “Junah says that he’s ready to go kayaking whenever you are!!”


Some of us (okay, one of us) napped a few times. We walked over to the park but Junah saw right away that there was no shade on the playground area, and it was hot outside, so we turned around and came home. They put on swimming suits and we had some water play interspersed with helping Grandpa with yard work, and general relaxing and goofiness.


Jün & Gin helped me spiralize some zucchini and Rusty grilled some turkey burgers and we all had a nice supper — with ice cream for dessert (the kids seem to like “Grandpa’s ice cream” best… plain ol’ vanilla!).

We decorated the wire tree for the 4th of July.


I noticed an opportunity in the back yard and cajoled the kids (Junah) into a group photo…


With mixed results!


Can you believe it? Malina is 3 months old today!! All three kids have changed/grown so much!

It was definitely a high-energy, fun weekend and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This time is so brief, witness:


I hope your weekend was just as you liked it!

8 thoughts on “Weekending: All Kids, (almost) All The Time!

  1. I love photos of kids, especially realistic ones! I used to try and take pictures of my own without dirt on their faces, someone frowning, sulking, and/or punching the other one, but I fared much better when I relaxed and accepted reality. An all kids weekend at your house looks like so much fun!

  2. What an awesome weekend! and what great photos – like Bonny said, the “real” ones are indeed the best. Aside from Malina of course, Gin has changed so much in just three months. She’s all little girl now 🙂

  3. I’m not sure how much Gin and Jun helped Grandpa with the yard work, but it looks like they were excellent helpers with the relaxing and goofiness. Rusty always looks like he must be the kind of Grandpa that will make a million memories for these kids. What a gift!

  4. Attitude all around, but Gin? She just exudes an attitude all her own. You’ve got your hands full, but if anyone can deal with it all, it would be you! How fun they can be and I fan FEEL the charge of their energy. They are SO CUTE!

  5. Little legs that don’t reach far over the edge of the seat, and little feet far from the floor are some of the world’s most wondrous things.

  6. I just adore your kiddos — and I am so happy you share them with all of us! These are the photos you will turn to as they grow and unfold before you . . . the authentic, real-life, everyday photos that capture the spirit and heart . . . those are the ones that you will treasure forever. XOXO
    (That dress. Oh, I love!!!)

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