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There was a good deal of time spent with the kids over the weekend, and Maddy arrived on Saturday afternoon, but I still managed to find some time for sewing — both for the kids and for me!!

After work on Friday, I stopped by the blueprint shop to pick up printed patterns for Alabama Chanin Palazzo Pants and the new Sew Liberated Gypsum Skirt. Then I ran by Joann (have you read about the new Concept Store?) where I bought some more Mickey Mouse fabric (ahem), including another fat quarter bundle (that I couldn't find last time), and some drapey rayon for the Gypsum Skirt. I tossed it all in for a wash when I got home so it would be ready to go.

On Saturday morning, I finished the bodice lining and hem of Gin's Franken-Geranium


With pleats & pockets!


That irresistible (to me) cap sleeve!


And pearly snaps on the back!


The fabric is made up of leftovers from the first fat quarter bundle, which I used to make a Geranium Top for Malina, along with some MM fabric that Ali had in her stash, and a random B&W print from mine (before I knew that Ali had some and when I didn't want to make the 30-mile roundtrip to the fabric store) (I never realized it was actually that far!).

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! Here's Malina's…


The cuteness is going to be off the charts with these girls and their coordinating dresses… and I just can't even imagine once Junah's added to the mix. I have plans!!

Then I got to work on my Gypsum Skirt and, boy oh boy, rayon is so slippery!! At least compared to the cottons — both woven & knit — that I'm used to working with. I sewed my first-ever flat-felled seam on the machine…


…and, believe me, I considered my options for the other three! That was sort of tricky, but it got a little easier with each one. Naturally, my bobbin thread ran out at the beginning of one of them and I didn't realize it until the end.

First order of the day tomorrow is to finish that skirt. I have sewn the waistband into a loop, currently draped around my ironing board, so all that's remaining is finishing & attaching that and hemming. I love those big roomy pockets… I hope they like me!

11 thoughts on “More Sewing

  1. Pockets! Pockets are always the answer when it comes to women’s clothing (and for small hands that like secret places). Good luck with the rayon adventures. I’m sure you’re up to it after such cute MM outfits.

  2. I will share with you my foolproof tip for flat felled success… I have a Bernina machine and I use the no. 5 presser foot (
    It is the foolproof way to get a nice straight edge.
    I also just had wild success on a denim tunic using a double needle!
    The sewing love just continues to grow over here! Thanks for sharing that Geranium pattern! Genevieve might just need one with little mermaids on it!

  3. Holy cow! Had to comment again about that Joann’s concept store. Lightyears above the dark, permanently disheveled and understaffed place we have that hasn’t seen an update in the 35 years I’ve lived near it. They will seriously have to upgrade their staff, but I’d love to see something like this make a go of it. Their current place is too out of touch for the community I live in, but the new concept would be mobbed in our demographically young, affluent and tech oriented community.

  4. Those are just THE SWEETEST little dresses! Over-the-top cuteness!!! (And Gin modeling the pockets just slays me.) I think I’ve told you this a million times already, but I knew Rae Hoekstra when her mom was sewing HER little dresses! (Tom used to work with Rae’s dad, and her mom and I used to get together in a coffee group back in the day.) Also looking forward to seeing your finished Gypsum skirt (which has Most Excellent Pocket Action). I have sewn a couple Sew Liberated patterns before, and she does a great job with pattern design/execution. (So does Rae.) XO

  5. When did Gin grow up!? She has a look of the wise about her. LOVE how she’s showing off the pockets. The matching dresses are just SO darling and, knowing you, Jun’s going to be stylin’, too!

  6. Gin’s dress is one of the cutest little girl dresses I’ve seen; I’m really looking forward to seeing Malina modeling her dress, your PLANS for Junah, and your skirt! I barely have enough time to knit a row or two nowadays, but I’d really love a linen dress (with pockets!) and may have to break down and sew one since I can’t find what I want.

  7. The dress is adorable! Isn’t it just so aggravating when the bobbin thread runs out and you don’t realize it for a loooooong time? It happens to me a lot when quilting!

  8. Serious cuteness. Love the dresses. If you have problems with slippy fabric you might want to use some steam a seam to hold pieces together while you sew them..

  9. The girls’ dresses are off-the-charts cute! and I predict good results for your skirt – those pockets are gonna be fabulous! (and thanks for the link about the new Joann’s – I hope they bring that concept to Georgia!)

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