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Weekending: Kate’s back!

I drove down to O'Hare on Saturday to pick up Kate after her month in the U.K. We decided to stay overnight and chose the new (as in barely open a week) St. Jane for our accommodations. Formerly the Hard Rock Hotel, St. Jane is in Chicago's beautiful Carbide & Carbon Building and is named for Jane Addams.


Instead of a bible in every room, it was a biography!


The weather was fabulous and it was great to be outside!


We had a light lunch at the Purple Pig (of course) and dinner at Catch 35 (first time). I had those gorgeous scallops and Kate had a mixed grill.


We tried to get to a couple of (way up there) roof-top bars but most were busy with private events until late; we settled for a lower-level roof-topper with exorbitantly priced pre-mixed cocktails (which we didn't know were pre-mixed until they were poured). They looked & tasted pretty good but should have been half the price (and my glass should have been all the way full instead of 2/3, too… what's that all about?). /gripe


I had a great time with my girl!

We got up, had coffee and shared a blueberry muffin, and then head home. We were on the road by 10 and home before 2.


The girls came over for a little while, and everyone else came later for supper. It was a nice evening together!

Katie went to bed fairly early and I wound down with a couple of episodes of Anne with an E (I started on Friday and am bingeing hard — love this show) and my TTL Mystery Shawl.


The photo is from Friday night, having barely begun Clue 2; as of last night, the first of two very enjoyable repeats is finished… and Clue 3 awaits!

I'm looking forward to next weekend already!

10 thoughts on “Weekending: Kate’s back!

  1. I always love seeing pictures of Chicago! My friends Doreen and Mark will be there this coming weekend and Kym suggested The Purple Pig and reminded me that you always go there, too!

  2. Those scallops look wonderful!! And I love the idea of a biography in every hotel room. Your shawl looks great!!

  3. Okay. Where are Malina’s stickers??? ๐Ÿ™‚
    You had perfect weather for some time in Chicago — NICE!
    And that yarn you’re using for the mystery shawl is really lovely. That color! Is it one of your own?

  4. I’m a little ashamed that I’ve never heard of Jane Addams, but your post is a terrific way to learn about her! Wikipedia says that she supported prohibition, but I’d still like to think that she wouldn’t approve of high-priced, pre-mixed drinks. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad Kate is home and you’ll have another weekend in just four days!

  5. Wow what a weekend! How was the hotel? I’ve not liked Hard Rock hotels so I hope they did a good remodel first. Meal looks fabulous! I’ll have to read up on Jane Addams. Premixed drinks? NOT! Gin’s sticker art is adorable, did she do it herself or did Jun help?
    Enjoy your time with Kate. Love the shawl, I’m thinking of doing it for my August camp project.

  6. Oh I love Chicago too! Thinking of starting the MKAL…I’ve got the supplies and I like what I’ve been seeing. (Cuz I totally look!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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