3TT: Three Things on Thursday

3TT: One stitch at a time…

…sometimes forward, sometimes backward!

This photo was snapped last night when I was half-way through tinking a row!


It's my Savage Heart Cardigan (1) and as of last night, the first half is finished! Next, I need to find a spare needle while I get to work on the second half!

Summer Camp II (2) has also seen the light of recent days (though not a camera) and I'm just about ready to begin the bind off!

And swatching… I went up a needle size and made another swatch for my Rhinebeck Sweater (3).


That did the trick! Meanwhile, I think I've changed my mind about the pattern I want to knit — same gauge, though, so whew!

 That's a little knitting update, 3TT style… visit Carole for more "Three Things on Thursday" posts!

9 thoughts on “3TT: One stitch at a time…

  1. Laughing with you. So like me to get my knitting act together and then say, “oh, look at that…”. May we assume that the words “Rhinebeck Sweater” indicate a trip is coming up?

  2. I love knitting updates. forward or not, it’s all progress! (and fwiw, I think the latest Rhinebeck swatches look great – a little more relaxed…)

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