Random Thursday with Bullets

Hi there. It feels like ages since I've really been here.


  • We're over the hump of January, and for that I am thankful.
  • I got over the hump by taking a quick overnight Tues-Wed trip to Madison for a little get-together with Bookish Wendy (some of y'all may remember her from the "good old days" of blogging). She was (is, until tonight) in Wisconsin for a conference and I was happy to help break up her week.
  • My sinus/cold thing is all but gone; I am breathing unimpeded (for the most part) 24/7 through both nostrils and the fog has lifted. Thankfully, there was never any sore throat, chest congestion, or coughing, which makes me think it wasn't really a "cold." More likely an allergic reaction, though I have no idea to what.
  • The Christmas decorations are off the tree and put away, but the three is still standing! That's #1 on the list for Saturday.


  • While putting away ornaments, I ran across the box of spare lights and fuses that's been collecting/growing for years. Guess what? I don't have them anymore!
  • I finally finished listening to Tom Hanks' Uncommon Type! I enjoyed the stories and listening to Tom Hanks read them; the one little thing that irked was that there was no discernible pause between the stories. Though it's a little thing, I think it was one reason I avoided listening… in the back of my mind, at the beginning of every sentence, I'd be subconsciously wondering if it was still the same story or a was it a new one. Exhausting. In the end, I sped it up and listened to Tom Hanks reading really fast!
  • Now I'm listening to Brené Brown reading Daring Greatly, which is marvelous — her voice is wonderful — but not while driving any distance. I listened both ways to Madison, and stopped to catch a wink or twenty each way… she was lulling me to sleep with her smooth, mesmerizing voice!


  • I'm looking forward to a healthier, quieter, more uneventful second half of January.
  • It sure would be nice to get a little sewing done! The itch has only grown since Ali send this photo of Ginny all cozied up with Malina's quilt.
  • There are a million other things vying for attention, of course. Lately, I've been giving most of it to Kate's Ironworks Beret and I'm closing in on it.
  • Next up: Ali's socks!


  • I've also been readying some yarn… I actually found a few opportunities in the past few weeks to head down to the studio. Make.Do update soon! It'll be small, but I'm pretty pleased. Instagram is probably the best place to keep tabs on that. Hopefully soon!!
  • In other news, among my Christmas gifts this year was a small flat of miscellaneous wood type. My local antique shop had posted it and I informed Rusty that it was immediately on my wish must-have list!


  • Junah was intrigued by those letters, too, so we spelled his name and mine. That other piece is a large #1 — it's probably 5-6" tall.


  • I still haven't spent the quality time I'd like to with this… examining and sorting and playing and dreaming. I want to do another letterpress printing workshop now more than ever.


Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “Random Thursday with Bullets

  1. That picture of Gin is definitely a call to make another quilt or two. I mean, that’s exactly why we make some of them, isn’t it?

  2. Ginny and the quilt . . . have ME wanting to make a quilt (and I don’t even quilt)!!! So dang cute. 🙂 I think I had the other half of your cold over here. I had all the sore throat/coughing going on, and never any nasal stuff. Very weird! Love the type-letters. You’re going to have so much fun with them. XO

  3. That’s a lot of bullets, and a good way to get it all in. I have the whole thing – nasal and chest congestion, coughing, sore throat, headache, body aches, but am trying to ditch the virus and not spread it to anyone else. I hope you stay healthy so you can fit in more sewing, knitting, and playing with letters!

  4. This post is full of so much fun! I have an itch to do some sewing and I finally finished my daughters birthday gift so I think I can start doing some!

  5. Such a great photo of Ginny and the quilt! I can see why you’re dreaming of more sewing. The letter press letters intrigue me. It would be fun to take a class and learn more. I’ll be itching to see what’s in the Make.Do update!

  6. Great catch up post, Vicki. I’m so happy (and a bit jealous) that you got to hang with Wendy, I haven’t seen her in such a long time! That Make.Do update is looking beautiful and I love your new letters, what fun you’re going to have with those!

  7. Bullets do make a great format for a newsy catchup … and now you have me looking forward to more sewing and hopefully some DK or worsted weight yarn in that shop update?!!! We read Daring Greatly in my small group last fall … LOVED it!!

  8. Great post Vicki and fabulous picture of Gin! Can’t wait for the Make Do update. Those letters look like such fun – what a neat gift! Have a wonderful weekend.

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