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Macro Monday: 1st of July!

I can hardly believe it's July! Now's the time that summer feels like it might be slipping away, especially because we've hardly had any summer weather to enjoy… so.much.rain.

It certainly was summertime hot & humid over the weekend, with more of that in the forecast (along with more rain).

I've whittled the Macro Monday photos for today down from 10 (that I processed) to four:


There's a small stack of shells on one of the pergola benches… randomly stacked by one of the kiddos (I'm guessing Gin) and it's been undisturbed for days. I love the subtle colors!


Our young-ish catalpa trees are LOADED with flowers this year!!


And there are plenty of buds yet to open. So pretty.

So, naturally, our Airbnb guests arrived early on Friday and we were last on the list for appliance delivery… so that was less than ideal. The appliance guys arrived about :20 after the guests, but they were really great and the whole process went SUPER smooth! Had our guests arrived at regular check-in time, I'd have just been finishing up… just as I'd mentioned in my heads-up note to them. I'm really happy with the new fridge!

The thrift shop hop in Green Bay was fun on Saturday. Kate made a pretty good haul; I bought a pair of wine glasses and some sewing needles. Obviously, lunch was the highlight for me! We checked out Copper State Brewing Co., which is related to Copper Rock Coffee Co. located in Appleton. Kate had some pork tacos with a lager, I had a burger with an IPA and a half. I caught whiff of a hamburger on the way in and couldn't shake it…

I finished my Alabama Chanin A-line Tunic re-do! I found a back-side photo from June 2017 when I finished (the first time) to compare:


The difference in stitching is plain to see! I've popped it in the wash to even it all out (the equivalent of blocking knits). (Obviously, red is my preferred color for toenails!)

I did some #100daysknitorious2019 stitching on my Car Jacket, and also started some projects for the kids. By that, I mean that I mostly printed and taped and cut patterns pieces (so time consuming!). I'm making matching dresses for Ginny & Malina and a coordinating vest for Junah. I'm using some "Nana" fabric… a white embroidered cotton that were originally cafe curtains that my mom had made for the coffee shop (skirts of the dresses and body of the vest), and a floral Ralph Lauren sheet that was a favorite of my mom's (flutter sleeves, straps & bands on the dresses, welts & possibly facings on the vest & bow tie). We've been wanting to make something from that curtain fabric for a couple of years now, so finally… but it really needs stabilizing. I've ordered some fusible stuff and keep your fingers crossed that it's shipped sooner rather than later because just minutes after I did that, Ali sent me a message about a photo shoot for the kids on July 8th and it would be SO GREAT to have these projects finished. I could get away with adding another layer to the dresses, and maybe even to the vest… we'll see. I have a couple of days to think on it all.

8 thoughts on “Macro Monday: 1st of July!

  1. Sometimes a girl just needs to burger! Hope it lived up to the aroma.
    I actually like that there’s that “accent” stitching in the lighter color on your top. Hope you like it after the “blocking”. The idea of blocking without scrambling around on the floor is two thumbs up.

  2. Your re-stitched tunic looks great, and I hope it gets more wear now. You deserve to show it off!
    I’m also loving the macro catalpas. It always amazes me how much more I notice in macro photos than real life!

  3. Oh, that catalpa must be a STUNNER! Can’t wait to see the curtain clothes. (The Sound of Music inspiration!!!!) Love the tunic. XO

  4. Those catalpa blooms! Wow!
    And, I love your A-line Tunic! I really need to make another one of those! And, I think I need to get that stencil!

  5. Whoa … my head is spinning catching up with your last 2-1/2 weeks! So much good stuff happening in your world and oh my that Malina … I keep waiting to see her start to blend in with her siblings, but she doesn’t and way to go – she’s going to need her own personality to stand out among them! also, sending all the good thoughts … five years is the blink of an eye … and the life of a sweet grandchild. I know your mom is enjoying every bit of what she’s seeing! hugs! – M.

  6. So much lovely stuff! The catalpas photos are gorgeous. You really captured them.
    I love your tunic. It was awesome in the before pictures, but you did improve on it!

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