The week that got away

I've been doing a lot of putzing this week and wish I had some real thing or accomplishment to show for it… lots of little stuff. I bounce around here from one thing to another like a pinball, and it seems like it's GAME OVER awfully quick everyday.


It doesn't help that it's been chilly, windy and gray for most of the week. It looks like the sun might break through a bit later today, and shine/warm up for the weekend, but next week looks pretty gray and drippy. Ugh. /gripe

Yesterday, I finished cleaning out a small chest that I had in the living room which we decided to move up to the apartment. It was full of random — and some very aged — knitting & related stuff, including a small sandwich bag full of Kool-Aid packets and a print-out from Knitty (Fall 2002!) about dyeing yarn with the stuff.

I'm still pulling together my yarn palette for the Safe At Home blanket and thought that a couple of those Kool-Aid colors might be just right. Obviously, I'd planned to, but never actually dyed with Kool-Aid before and, welp, it just couldn't be easier. Dissolve the powder in water, add yarn and heat for a while, let cool, rinse & let dry.


I used Berry Blue, Lemonade, Lemon Ice, and Orange. I used two packets of each, except for the Lemon Ice which was not really any color at all… I had dissolved one packet of it and just added it to the Berry Blue pot. (I didn't want to waste it? I dunno…)


Anyway, there it is just after adding the yarn. The color is soaked up fairly quickly, and… FRUITY!

I went down this morning to finish up and, well, these colors are not too bad. This is spun-dry and might lighten up a tad when fully dry.


I'm especially taken with that pale "Lemonade" yellow.


Meanwhile, I just couldn't wait to get a feel for knitting that blanket, and decided to give it a go with the Briar Rose Fourth of July Nightshift Kit. Intarsia is not something I do very often, but this isn't too bad! I'm thinking I have enough of this yarn (and variety of colors) that I can make a pillow cover.

I hope y'all had a good week!


8 thoughts on “The week that got away

  1. The yarn is awesome! And well…I’ll be watching that pillow cover because I’m quite intrigued and should have some Night Shift colors left too! Happy Weekend Vicki!

  2. This kind of putzing looks beautifully productive! I love your dyeing and your homes-in-progress, and can’t wait to see more!

  3. The yarn looks great! Looking forward to pillow developments as that is also looking good.

  4. I dyed a skein of yarn with Kool-Aid way back in the day, before indie dyers were really a thing, and I remember that the yarn smelled really good afterward! I do like your colors.

  5. Kool Aid dyeing is such a kick. I used an old crockpot and dyed up a bunch. I would never have remembered the year but it was likely 2002! CRAZY! Your pillow is going to be so pretty. Days do get away from me, too. They go so quickly when all you can think to do is putter. Our weather has turned warm (they say heatwave this weekend) so I hope the good stuff is heading your way! xo

  6. I love the Kool-Aid dyeing. Such FUN colors! 🙂
    I knit a Safe-at-Home square myself over the weekend. And now . . . I’m thinking pillow cover rather than blanket. 😉 It’s pretty dang futzy . . . but so dang charming!

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