Random January Weekending

So… buttons on your underwear!?

That's not how I intended to begin this post, but once I wrote, "So," it just came out. Have you ever heard that expression before? My brother-in-law finished someone's "So…" in this way over the weekend and could not believe that none of us had ever heard it before. It must not be very commonly used by him, either, because I've known him for going-on 20 years and never heard him say it before… surely, in all that time, there must have been opportunity!


So, as of this Wednesday, we won’t have to test to enter Puerto Rico! The (non-returnable) tests I ordered will be here today were just delivered, and I had notification that the government tests will also be delivered today, so we'll be prepared!


I packed up all my yarn-y stuff at the coffee shop yesterday! We have begun packing up the laundry (and-so-much-more) room in order to lay the new floor and I couldn't think of a single place to put it all, so took it right down to the storage unit (where mostly Kate has stuff).


I'll be bringing the wall-mounted grid wall home and will use it in my hopefully-somewhat-soon-to-be revamped dye studio; I also have legs for it, so options!

Meanwhile, if anyone needs/wants an MDK Field Guide or a tote bag from the defunct Fringe Supply, I'm your girl.

The boys walked over Saturday prior to their departure to Madison for the week. Their 99yo Nana is moving into a rehab facility today, having fallen & broken a hip earlier this month, and they head back to Lima on Friday. While they wrestled with each other in the living room (boys!), I made my color card for the Temperature Blanket.


Then, having found myself with a little time yesterday afternoon — after my nap and before a coffee shop "transition" get-together — I cast on!


I worked about the first week of Rusty's first year of life! And I am already in love with this project… and wondering how I can pack a project with 20+ balls of yarn for vacation!!

Meanwhile, tomorrow is the start of Fiberuary!


I had so much fun doing the Fiberuary Challenge on Instagram last year, I'm going to try it again!

This month FLEW BY!! I'm sure it had to do with my sister & her family being "here" for most of the month, with everything surrounding Ali's sale of the coffee shop, and with BIRTHDAYS! Junah's, Annie's… and today would have been my mom's 84th! (That's baby Junah in the photo with her!)


I'm looking forward to February, which is usually my least favorite month, but at least it's short — I've already flipped that calendar and there's a vacation in plain view!


10 thoughts on “Random January Weekending

  1. Whew! That is great luck on the testing! I will be looking for your fiberary posts! I enjoyed them last year as well!

  2. Love the pic with Junah. Said to see the empty shelving but I’m sure you will find a use for it at home.
    My twins were born in February so I am looking forward to that. Keep warm.

  3. I’m glad the testing issues have worked themselves out! You’re the first person I know of to actually get their government tests, so it’s nice to know the usps is on the ball. I’m looking forward to your Fiberuary posts and love that Temperature Blanket! (And boys are always wrestling in the living room, no matter what age they are.)

  4. I have never heard that expression before . . . and my dad is the absolute KING of “expressions.” 🙂
    You’ve dones so much calculating and scheming for your temperature project! I can’t wait to see it all come together. And I’m so envious of your vacation get-away . . . (and, sure! 20 balls of yarn! no problem!!!) I love that photo of your mom and Junah. XO

  5. I have never heard that expression about buttons on underpants. LOL. And I’m so glad the testing situation has worked in your favor. I know how stressful it was when we had to test for Iceland – what if someone tests positive and can’t go to the wedding? What if that someone is the bride?!? Or the mother-of-the-bride?!? So much stress! Hello February!

  6. LOL – never heard that expression before. It’s a good one though. Again, your temp blanket is tempting me. It would be fun to do one for Fletch, Colin & me. Fletch was born in Norfolk, me in Phila. and Col in Bryn Mawr. Different years and different temps too. Curious as to what Fringe Supply totes you have…..don’t need, but always like…

  7. I’ve never heard the “on your underwear” part, but for a long time, if I started out saying “So…” my husband would respond “Buttons?” I’m glad to hear all the testing requirements will work out for you (of course it figures that you have the tests on hand when you no longer need them!) and the trip is a go.

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