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Sheesh. Time flies! Holiday Hoopla is approaching — Kate arrives this Sunday, and Ann & family arrive a week later! Thankfully, for many reasons, our holiday get-together at work is going to be between Christmas & New Year's, and that's a relief; Rusty doesn't have much going on group-/party-wise, either, and I'm not sad.

That leaves more time for stress-relieving fun (and Christmas tree avoidance)!

I set my alarm again on Saturday for another workshop with Mel Kolstad at Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. This time it was gel printing. I'd been aware of this event since the previous workshop I took with Mel, but I didn't really know what "gel (or gelli) printing" was… and I stupidly didn't ask nor did I even google it. On Thursday evening, out of the blue, I came across a video on FB of one of my friends (my birthday twin, actually) doing a demo of gel printing! "More fun than a barrel of monkeys filled with a hundred barrels full of monkeys," she said! I checked my calendar and signed up for Mel's workshop on the spot.


I posted cropped versions of all three of the photos above on IG, and I just want to point out a few things. They just hosted a 3-day event called Wayzgoose, which draws participants from all over the world, so there were a lot of fresh posters! I love how even the signs on the recycle & trash bins are hand-pulled prints! There are five cabinets/cases full of wood type in that middle photo — there are two more to the left and one to the right that are not shown — and that's just the "public" type!


Turns out, it is more fun than a bunch of monkeys in a barrel! Mel is an enthusiastic and generous teacher, and it was a fun group of 10 women. I did nothing but experimental gel printing in the morning — oh, man, there's so much possibility! You can see some of that work on IG! In the afternoon, I set up a Showcard press and did some printing. You can't see any of that work because I think some of it might become gifts.


I can't wait 'til the next one, either, Mel!

_ _ _ _ _

In other news, I'm grappling with holiday decorating… or, rather, decorations… in that I have too much. And as much as I'd rather not, I think I'm going to put up the big tree, as usual, haul it (the trimmings) all out this year, and do the deed. Trust me, I've considered a bunch of other — easier — options, but the thought of all that STUFF up in the closet for another year is actually making me sick.

This whole mood started with the kitchen cupboard/cake stand situation a few weeks ago, continued with cleaning off the Depression Glass cupboard, cleaning out the pantry cupboard, and now the utility cupboard that I did on Sunday morning — those accomplishments have provided momentum & will to tackle the holiday STUFF.


I didn't really want to clean out that closet, but it's so great to have it done. I was on a mission, so it didn't take that long, either.

When's the last time I used Spic & Span from a box — might have only been once because it was pretty full. And cat STUFF? Stain & odor STUFF, hairball remedy, flea & tick powder. Our last cat died during the pandemic! There was so much pet-related STUFF in there I didn't need anymore. (I was able to find new homes for most of the STUFF I cleaned out.)

I know now that I don't need to buy drain cleaner, Armor All, ant killer, 40W light bulbs (could use some 60s, tho), hand soap refills (the dish soap supply is fairly good, too), or any type of floor cleaner for a very long time. But now, if I do buy something that goes in this cupboard, there's room for it!

After that, I packed up the kids' sweater again and hauled it over to Ann's for the afternoon to work on while I did laundry and watched the football game. The second sleeve was bound off on Monday night, leaving only the right front & back pieces to complete, and then it'll be time to soak/block so I can assemble/finish!!


9 thoughts on “More weekending

  1. That printing does look like fun and produces some interesting results! Whittling down decorations carries a lot of baggage since emotions and memories associated with them insist on bubbling up. I got rid of a ton when I inherited many of my mother’s Christmas decorations. It was incredible to me what “vintage decorations” were worth on ebay. Good luck!

  2. You are making great progress on all the things! Cleaning/organizing, fun! (yay printing!), and the sweater for the kids! Even if it isn’t fun in the midst of things, it sure feels good to have cleaning/organizing done. I think we’re due for some also.

  3. That print workshop sounds awesome! And hooray for cleaning out stuff you know longer use. Maybe when you take the tree down this year you could rehome some of that so that it’s not a burden next year.

  4. That print workshop… too much fun!
    And I love love love Carole’s brilliant idea of rehoming things now to not have to think about them next year! Yes yes!

  5. The printing workshop sounds like so much fun! I hope after things are gifted, you’ll share more of what you made.
    Congrats on cleaning out the closet. That is one of those chores that gets put off for the longest time and really is not that big a deal once you start, but it makes such a huge difference. I hope it felt freeing to get rid of that stuff!

  6. I did a gelli print workshop once several years ago (before pandemic), and I loved it! WAY more fun than a barrel of monkeys, for sure. I’d love to do more someday. So glad you had a chance to take part in that workshop (and, frankly, I’m super jealous). 😉 It feels so good to re-organize and clear out spaces. Good for you! And I’m going to bet that by hauling out your Christmas stuff, you’ll be able to sort through and decide what is worth keeping and what you want to pass along. (I need to do THAT, too. I have boxes of holiday stuff I haven’t even opened since my kids left home . . . ) (Yikes.) XO

  7. Oh boy! You’ve reminded me of how much (so much) cleaning and reorganizing I need to do. No holiday decorations for us this year since we are leaving town. Fletch did put a pinecone wreath on the front door (that his Mom made decades ago – it is so pretty!), but that’s it so far. I tried to give some of our holiday stuff to the kids a few years back, but they don’t want it! And I’m unable to get rid of it to donate or to strangers. I’m too sentimental for my own good. That gelli print workshops sure looks like it was fun!!

  8. Thanks for the motivation to clean and organize- I did 1/2 of a big closet last week-now I’m working at finishing it-Can’t wait to see your tree. Your printing adventures look great and sound like fun. I took a workshop on dyeing silk scarves 2 weeks ago and had a ball doing it! The kiddos must be getting excited about Christmas. Have fun with Kate and Ann plus family!

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