Mission accomplished

Well. Yesterday! Wow… there's my "hard reset"!


Shared on IG by both Modern Daily Knitting & Holli Yeoh, along with friends and other folks (and me!). It was so satisfying to read the comments here and on the MDK post… THANK YOU!! I may have basked a little. haha. I did! I basked in the limelight!! (Because why not? It fades fast!)

I was smiling all day… for real, I think, and big, not even realizing it, because everyone I saw yesterday immediately smiled back at me. (I'm still smiling.)

Are you curious? I am…

  • There were FIVE TIMES the normal number of page hits here
  • My 5 Point Bomber on Ravelry went from one like to 51!
  • Holli's 5 Point Bomber pattern is (at this writing) at #5 on Ravelry's "Hot Right Now" page (and I saw it as high as #3 last night – when I thought to check) (falling fast because… fading limelight)
  • Holli updated the pattern to include the COLORING PAGES
  • I sit on the MDK Contributors page between Jillian Moreno & Mary Jane Mucklestone on a page full of actual knitting rock stars (I am actually fan-girling!)
  • Some IRL people/friends found out that I've had a blog for almost 20 years


High praise from my little sis on FB! Haha. This is so funny. (She binged on Yellowstone when they were here.) She even left a comment on the MDK post.

AND… my washer was fixed yesterday for only $200. I've never been so happy to spend $200 in my life. Kudos to the experienced repairman who asks pertinent questions and anticipates the possible problem, who brings the part with him so, if confirmed, it can be installed right away! I'm a fan.


6 thoughts on “Mission accomplished

  1. all these kudos are so well-deserved and I’m smiling in your honor … congratulations!!! (and what high praise from Ann – lol!)

  2. You deserve to bask and to smile as much as you want! I saw the pattern high on HRN and knew immediately it was because of you!

  3. I am just overflowing with JOY for you Vicki! It is so well-deserved! You are a wonder, an inspiration, and I am blessed to count you as a blog-friend! XO
    And there is the bonus that that adorable sweater will be long-lived and well-loved!

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