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Unraveled Wednesday: Witchy

I’m joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday!


The other day, Kym shared her new knitting bender with me — I had just run across the pattern for those witches in my workroom, so I knew right where it was — and I just had to!

I’d spent a few hours on Saturday doing laundry at Ann’s and, while I could have been cleaning the bathrooms or something, I decided that I’d rather knit!

I had everything I needed, except that I forgot the pattern at home. Technology to the rescue! I downloaded the PDF and added it to knitCompanion, and I was on my way in no time.

I noticed that my hat was way shorter than in the pattern photo. I noticed that there were a few other witches with short hats on the Ravelry project pages, but most of them were nice & tall. Ugh. I sent the pic to Kym and she helped me to see the error of my ways… one set of decreases per round, not per needle (as was the case with all the previous instructions). I knew that I’d missed something but I just couldn’t see it. So, yay Kym!!

A nice tall hat!

And now my girl has choices!! haha.

Tempted though I was to cast on another one or three, I decided to get started on Ali’s temperature panel! I know the kids would love these witches… but also know that little things like this end up being cat toys at their house!

It was a hot summer, and I’m excited to see it knit up!


The reading has been at a near standstill over here!

4 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday: Witchy

  1. How many knitters does it take to read a pattern? Why . . . apparently TWO! 😉 I’ll trade you one hat fix for a broom????? I love your little witchy so much! XO

  2. Your witchy is just as adorable in either hat! (I will admit that my first reaction was that Justin’s cat, Nugget, might like a witch as a Halloween cat toy!)

  3. Oh those witches! I will NOT (repeat after me…NOT) be tempted. I tried a tiny cat once and went crazy. I love that your witch has a choice of hats.

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