What to wear?

I bought a few new articles of clothing for spring.  I already know that I'm going to wear this vest until it falls apart… am contemplating buying it in another color… found a "reasonably priced" alternative in the Needless-Markup catalog that just arrived (thanks for that, no doubt, to Ms. J. Jill (purveyor of said vest)).


Not only do I love it, but I've had compliment after compliment the two times I've worn it.  I thought I'd photograph my ensemble today… (why am I standing so weird in this photo, and is it all bunched up in the back?)


(…and I'm so much happier now!)  Heh.  Let's try a closer-up.


My Bamboo Shape-It Scarf appears to have been made to accessorize this vest.  The solid color (red) one is fantastic with it, too, as is almost every other scarf or shawl I've ever knit.  But this one… I love gray!


Hi.  The mirror is perpetually dirty (permanent cloudiness, actually)… (why am I always smirking?)  (I still love my new glasses.)


…as my bed is perpetually unmade.  How about closer?


And closer?


Yeah.  And flip it.  Flip it good.

I tried to sew together My Habu Sweater today, but our cat Roxie was RIGHT.THERE!  I'm surprised she didn't get poked with a pin.  I knit a bit instead on a happy, colorful, little square.  The cats rarely bother me while I'm knitting.  Don't ask me why.

8 thoughts on “What to wear?

  1. I love this photoshoot. First thing I noticed (after the great poses) was the reflection of the unmade bed in the mirror. I thought Victoria/Pictoria is so cool that she leaves her bed unmade AND photographs it. Real life. Real pictures. Real cool.

  2. Yep, what Jennifer said. Unmade bed made me happy. I’ve said this before, but I LOVE that you put photos of yourself into your blog. So few of us do — are we ashamed? shy? It is so nice for the reader (=me) to be able to put a face with the blog (I know your face anyway, but still).
    You rock the scarf-y accessories, ya know? It is, or should be, an inspiration to plain-jane me.

  3. You are so witty, creative and unique. You are also very brave to show your face in closeups and your bed unmade. Love the room (and you!). The vest is awesome! I want one, too.

  4. I love the mirror. I missed getting one like it (forgot to check it out when I saw it on a 2nd hand shelf, drat!).

  5. I like your new glasses too and who cares if your bed is unmade? Your photographs are just showing that you’re not Suzie Homemaker…I wasn’t looking for her when I found your blog…

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