Starting the week off on the right foot

…with Red Pearl-painted toenails.

Yesterday was Spa Day!  The only improvement I'd make to the day would be to share it with someone or two or three.  Hopefully, it'll come together with the sisters at some point.

It started with a nice, relaxing foot bath while discussing the day's schedule and options.  My first-ever facial followed, and it definitely will not be my last.  Mmmm, wonderful warm towel, soothing cool clay mask, another warm towel, heaven.  I double-checked before I left and, as suspected, reward points from previous salon services over the years are more than enough to redeem for another.  Woohoo!

After the facial, I had a massage.  I'd filled out a preliminary questionnaire and one of the questions had me circle the areas that I felt needed special attention during massage.  When Kim came in, she said, "You've indicated QUITE A FEW areas in need of special attention, what do you REALLY want me to work on?"  We decided to concentrate all efforts on my back and neck — in fact, she never touched me below the waist, except as she made her way from one side of the table to the other.  Oh my.  I've had back problems since high school, sometimes better, sometimes worse — I am always aware, and often/usually living with some degree of pain/discomfort related to my back.

Kim asked if I've ever seen a chiropractor and I replied, weakly, "Yeah…"  She said that he probably wouldn't get anything to snap, crackle or pop, anyway.  That's when I told her than it's been nearly 20 years since my last chiropractic adjustment, that I haven't gone since my hip was nearly dislocated in an unsuccessful effort to crack my back.  Ever since, and it hasn't been very often or even every time (maybe 2-3 times), I've seen a massage therapist instead of a chiropractor when I've really gone and done it to my back; more often, I just suffer through it, applying hot- and cold-packs, workin' it and stretchin' it out on my own.

So, anyway, Kim didn't beat around the bush.  She told me that she's just not really into "fluff" once-a-year-on-your-birthday massages, that she takes the "therapy" part of "therapeutic massage" seriously and, if I'd like her help to work on loosening some things and start feeling better, she'd like to work on me again… soon-ish… and regularly.  I'm nodding the whole time because, OMG yeah, I want to move better.  It's on the way home and I can go after work, so I've booked my next appointment.  I'll never again do a back walk-over but some flexibility would be nice.

Aside:  Something is happening here with self-care.  I'm expecting my first shipment from vitaminID.com, as we speak.  I hardly ever take vitamins or supplements on a regular basis, except that one time when I bought a similar, pre-packaged month's supply assortment.  I'm sure there are better (or worse) vitamins I could take; the ones in-hand (almost) are the best ones for me right now.

After the massage I had a manicure and then a pedicure.  A shampoo/style and makeup was part of the original package, but I had it in my head that there'd be a pedi — they were too booked to do it as an add-on, but I was able to trade the hair/makeup and I was more than pleased.  I'm all set for sandals now — and we're working our way up to 70F on Friday, so there'll definitely be sandals!

* * * * *

Yesterday, on a whim, I added a photo to the Pioneer Woman Photography Assignments pool on Flickr — the subject is GREEN.

Backlit green

I was alerted by a friend this morning that I'd made the Day 1 cut.  I've gotta say, that makes for a pretty good start to a Tuesday.  On the heels of such a great (for a change) Monday, this Tuesday was just not lookin' so hot by comparison.  So YAY!

By weird coincidence, I'd just picked up Ree's cookbook the other day and we've all been paging through and talking about it.  Katie admitted that she spent an entire evening on PW's website reading Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.  I wouldn't have guessed that.

* * * * *

The Flat Belly Diet! Family Cookbook should probably be next, as PW's cooking is not going to do my belly any favors.

* * * * *

I'm starting to think Project Pink.

Friday night!  Double-date night with Ali & Kevin with dinner (delectable!) at Caffe Mario on the way!

10 thoughts on “Starting the week off on the right foot

  1. Congratulations! I read PW but haven’t made it to her blog today. LOVE you’re pedi. I have one on my schedule for mid-month. Hope your weather continues on the up-swing. I’m worried about ours the next few days.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful SPA day. I’ve never had a massage and I’d really like to try it for my back problems. I’m glad you got good results and hope it continues.

  3. I read PW every day she posts, but I avoid her cooking blog and will never buy her cookbook. My arteries and blood pressure and weight are bad enough already, thank you very much. But her foods sound yummy.

  4. Yay on the P-Dub nod! I saw you there and thought “Hey! I know that yarn!”.
    Also, re: back pain. As someone who has *almost* completely recovered from a herniated disk, can I say something?
    I swear it works. I never thought I could feel this good. Seriously.
    I’m getting off my yoga soapbox now. Thank you for listening.

  5. A nice massage is really good, but I usually feel better after a hard sports massage.
    How about finding a good cranial osteopath? That type hardly touches you, it’s a miracle it actually works (but it does!) and there is no pushing shoving and cracking involved. Osteopathy in general involves less of the cracking stuff.

  6. I’m going to join in the chorus and give back pain advice: I’m with tinebeest on osteopathy. I was very very skeptical the first time I tried it; it all sounded bogus to me. But it worked! My favorite doc in the world switched from neurosurgery to manual therapy because he was sick of doing surgery on people. Now he does a mix of osteopathy, accupuncture, tui na massage, and stretching. It works wonders. I’m also a big believer in walking: whenever the back aches I start walking. Walkwalkwalk. Should it ever stop raining today I’ll be on my way…
    Love the red toe nails!

  7. Check out your medical insurance. Many of them have some coverage for theraputic massage, just need a referral from a physician or chiropractor. It does help, speaking from back pain experience. and I agree with dw. Yogayogayoga.

  8. Beautiful red toenails!
    I get a massage every three weeks (or so). I really think it contributes positively to my health.

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