Inaugural ride of ’13

Wow, did we have a gorgeous weekend! I took my mother to the drug store on Saturday so she could purchase some birthday cards and whatnot, and along the way she remarked that it was surprising so few people were out doing yard work. I think with spring so stingy this year, everyone was out doing their best to ENJOY our good weather!

I pumped up the tires and took a short ride on my bike yesterday — PERFECT biking weather. It was only 5.5 miles, and just enough so that I "felt" the ride but wasn't crippled by it. Heh.

I enjoyed having the back door open.

And sitting outside to get a little Vitamin D while also knitting a bit.

Nothing much is happening on the espalier tree yet… buds are barely out.

But the bloodroot emerged overnight!

Roxy helped with the inspection. Bleeding hearts are growing fast, as usual!


5 thoughts on “Inaugural ride of ’13

  1. The sun and blue skies are such a welcome sight as is the greening of the earth! Good for you in getting out for a ride. It’s so much easier to move our muscles when the sun is shining and the air is comfortable. Hurray for open doors and windows!

  2. Our weather was warm and sunny this weekend, too. I got in an outdoor run and spent some time reading on the deck. Heaven!

  3. It was a fantastic weekend. Unfortunately I spent all of it working but I did enjoy some later afternoon time outside. Too tired to do any yard work but I did weed amongst the onions that are popping up.
    And there were mosquitoes!

  4. Sounds like the perfect day! There is something about those first warm days after a long hard winter that renew the soul and just make me smile all day long. 🙂 I can’t wait to see all your greening foliage in bloom.

  5. Hooray for May! And good weather, and good news, and lots of projects. Hope your spring is just right. (and seriously: ham-wrapped pickles! I need one.)

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