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Weekending  Eye Candy Monday


I have loved that blue-green, teal-y water and those pink, blue, purple, and yellow-green apples from the moment I "watercolored" this photo of apples awaiting bobbing at Annie's Halloween party.

Thank you, Margene, for the introduction to the SketchGuru app!

On Thursday, I had 1.5 hours between work and knit night, and some yarn that could soak for not one minute longer, so I mixed and stirred, poured and squished, rolled and steamed.

Ahhhh, that yarn makes me feel pretty happy right now. I used three different types of yarn and three similar but slightly different techniques. Chances are quite good that it'll all look like clown barf once knitted up — that's a lot of strong color — but (right now) I don't care.


9 thoughts on “Weekending  Eye Candy Monday

  1. “Clown Barf’ is just a special yarn in search of the perfect project. It helps if I think of it as a quest.

  2. how cool that you can take a photo and turn it into yarn! I can’t imagine those gorgeous skeins will make clown barf. nope. no way.

  3. You could double-strand it with a solid color to tone down the clown barf if you want. Or stripe it with a dark solid, a la the Noro Striped scarf.
    Or you could go BIG AND COLORFUL and let the clown barf roll!

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