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Ten on Tuesday: I am thankful

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things For Which I Am Thankful (a retrospective)

It's harder this year. I miss my mom. The holidays were her thing and… I just really miss my mom. I'm thankful for a million things, of course — my family, my adorable & amazing grandson, my health, my home — but it's a big nasty cloud I'm keeping at bay this year, alternatively making menu/decorating/gift plans and trying not to get too emotional over Dancing With The Stars (or any other insignificant little thing in the grand scheme).

It's hard to believe, but this will be the 11th Thanksgiving since I began blogging. This year, I've highlighted a post from each of the past 10 Novembers and simply stated the thing about each for which I am thankful; except for last November, where I highlighted the entire month!

2004: Thanks. Secrets and surprises.


2005: Hey, baby. Nieces and nephews.

2006: Labor Day Project is Complete! Perseverance (my own and others').


2007:  Cheese! I am thankful for turkey… and thankful that I don't need turkey to be thankful.


2008: Everybody jump? My husband and kids!

2009: Thankful. My siblings. (I miss Sharon, too. She hated the holidays.)


2010: The cheesy post! Travel and knitting and inspiration and friends.

2011: Late edition. Color in my world. And the inspiration to create and explore. And knitting again.

2012: Be a quitter. Quitting is GREAT!


2013: November 2013. Preparations for another baby! The entire month was full of all sorts of goodness.

Bonus – #11:


2014: Where trouble melts like lemon drops. Special places, people, history, memories.


This guy… how have 10+ months already gone by??


8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: I am thankful

  1. Your retrospective is lovely. There is no solution for missing loved ones, but I do like this Helen Keller quote that is on my mother-in-law’s wall: “What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”

  2. I can sympathize with you – the holidays are something I am just “doing” this year, not really celebrating. There is lots to be thankful for in spite of it all.

  3. Holidays without your mom are bound to be rough and the first one especially so. Be kind to yourself and do the things you want to do without any obligation to do the things that make you sad.

  4. What a lovely trip of thanksgiving through your blog archives, Vicki! While these holidays may be tough – it is evident that she filled more than your holidays and definitely continues to be in and around your days and your life. Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving, friend!

  5. Oh, I understand about your mom. Mine has been gone just two years and sometimes I miss her it takes my breath away. I would do almost anything to have just one more conversation.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely list.

  6. You do retrospectives better than anyone, as you’ve shared so much over the last 11 years! The holidays are always tough when loss is fresh and you’re suddenly the one in charge. Here’s to celebrating all that you have with your incredible family. xox

  7. I love this post! thoughtful and heartfelt…and it made me cry in the best way. You have much to celebrate and to remember and that makes for a rich and rewarding life. I’m thankful I know you. Happy Thanksgiving, Vicki!

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