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Right Now: April is upon us

WatchingLaw & Order UK

ReadingCase Histories by Kate Atkinson


Knitting… Making progress on Junah's Devan! Fronts and sleeves are done, the back was cast on last night. It won't be long!

Looking forward to… Starting Romi's Mystery.


Drinking… trying to drink more water!

Wearing… Cropped pants and sandals. It's April. It's time. (I need a pedi, though.)

Organizing… Nothing at the moment. I'm thinking that I need a few days off at home — a long weekend would be nice.

Celebrating… Whoa. This month!! We begin with two cousins' birthdays today, all three of my girls' coming up, an aunt, an uncle, a nephew, and finishing with what would have been my Grampa's 105th.

Listening to… All sorts of things on Spotify. Boxer Rebellions' Winter Jams playlist, the new Decemberists album.


Itching to… GET OUTSIDE!

Looking forward… still… to GETTING OUTSIDE! And also (still) the new Alabama Chanin book. SOON!

Needing to… Make sure I have everything I need for an indigo dye vat — specifically, a large enough vessel.

Delighted by… the first crocus of the season, spotted yesterday! They were yellow.


Thinking aboutWales. And Scotland and England, too, but it was four years ago today that we were in Wales. Lambs on the mound at Bryn Celli Ddu!

What's up with you right now?

8 thoughts on “Right Now: April is upon us

  1. Loved: All the Jackson Brody series. Keep reading, Vicki, they’re all good.
    Looking forward to: Romi! and Alabama Chanin (when is it coming?) and seeing your indigo dyeing.
    Wishing: We could have a pedi together-my treat!
    Listening, too: Decemberist and Courtney Barnett

  2. Reading Life after Life, my first Kate Atkinson. It’s interesting! And I sipped my water when I read that. Thank-you. 🙂

  3. Amazon has Tuesday as the release date for Natalie's new book. I think Rusty pre-ordered mine directly from Alabama Chanin, though, and I think they're prepping those shipments now. Hopefully, in-hand sometime next week!

  4. That Devan is looking amazing. I decided against knitting one only because the arm proportions for the 4T size looked wrong (way too much material) for my little but oh is it still tempting! Whet my appetite for knitting a little self striping sweater tho.
    Also itching to SIT outside without 3 layers of wool, also trying to drink more water…and thinking about growing some indigo.
    Happy spring!

  5. So glad it’s APRIL!!!! I, too, pre-ordered my AC book directly from the AC website. I will be running to the mailbox every day until it arrives. . . Can’t wait to see Junah’s sweater; LOVED every book in the Jackson Brodie series; can’t get enough of the Decemberists! Happy April!

  6. YAY for April! (and finally feeling like y’all are sharing a bit of my Spring!)
    Admiring – Junah’s new sweater; can’t wait to see it finished (on him!)….I’m starting a warm weather cardigan for Charlie with the new Playdate pattern from TinCan Knits.
    Anticipating – your next mystery shawl reveal (I’m not going to join this one, but I’m planning on Kirsten’s come the summer)
    xo – M.

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