Friday: Five Fotos


It was so nice to take a walk around the house the other day — a gorgeous day — looking for signs of life! It was even nicer to find some.


This was my intarsia tangle at last night's knit night! That is not something I do often, nor am I very good at it… though I think this is my best yet. I'm finished with that part now, so it's smooth sailing to the sleeve and neck shaping, then some 3-needle bind-off, a button band/collar, buttons, et voila!


Meanwhile, the decision has been made and yarn wound up, awaiting release of the first clue for Romi's Mystery Shawl 2015! We're all chomping at the bit!!

Historically, the first clue of a mystery project is quick to complete, so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to devote most of my knitting time to getting Junah's sweater finished.

* * * * *

Re generation

 It's an announcement, not a sixth photo!

I'll be spending some of the weekend helping Kate whip her first YOUNG SPACE pop-up art show into shape for NEXT WEEK'S OPENING!! It's exciting; she's inspiring. So many wonderful things.

7 thoughts on “Friday: Five Fotos

  1. Hints of spring are coming to places long covered by cold and white. You have so much to look forward to as your spring begins. Ours is faded, spent, over and now we await summer. How wonderful to see what Kate is creating now that’s she’s home from Scotland. I think back on your girls when you first started to blog and how they have bloomed! Wish I could see the show!

  2. It’s so wonderful to see EVIDENCE of spring’s arrival! So exciting. I love the bright colors of Junah’s new sweater, and can’t wait to see it complete. (Also chomping at the bit to get knitting on the Romi mystery. . . can’t cast on until tonight.) I’m so excited about Kate’s first show! What a great concept. I wish her all the best! XO

  3. whoa, spring IS coming your way! you know I’m anxiously awaiting the Junah spring sweater reveal…so glad the intarsia tangle is behind you. and yay for Kate’s opening. look forward to seeing more of all these things…next week! happy weekend, Vicki!

  4. I just finally did some reading on Young Space and you must be so proud! What a fabulous idea. Here’s to Kate and a great evening on FRIDAY! So close!

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