The weekend was full of many of the things I love, starting with a little road trip on Saturday morning to deliver some Make.Do/KC&T flyers to Bleating Heart Haven. There's a Fiber Frolic/Yarn Hop coming up and we weren't on the list! That'll be corrected next year, and in the meantime Cindy generously offered to help spread the word about us. It was a beautiful morning for a drive!

I picked up lunch on my way to Appleton to feed the crew at Young Space. My girls are just like me in the way that when we're all wrapped up in a project, we often forget to eat. Or just don't. It's hard to stop! The entire place got a fresh coat of paint over the weekend, and I cleaned windows. There are more windows to do, and I'm slated for Wednesday.


 On Saturday night, we ran down to Oshkosh to visit a couple of spots on the Gallery Walk.


"Interwoven & Twisted" is a wonderful collaborative work by Renee Koch and our friend Pat Filzen at the Art Space Collective. Renee's knit wire pieces reminded me of Ruth Asawa and the beautiful pieces I saw five years ago in San Francisco.


I spent some time with this guy on Sunday while his mom & dad took advantage of the shop being closed to get some work done. Kate was working at her space. Rusty was drawing. Maddy stayed home… but we had a nice little chat (and she'll be home later this week for Kate's opening).


We had a blast!


After Junah left yesterday, I made my first roasted lamb… and it won't be the last. I've made chops, and that's actually what I wanted, but I relied on chance and there were none. I threw some asparagus in the oven, made some salads, popped the cork on some pinot noir, and everyone came back for some dinner!

7 thoughts on “Weekending:

  1. what a lovely, light-filled (in so many ways!) weekend! happy SPRING! I can’t wait to see more of Kate’s opening.

  2. Kate’s Young Space Project gallery looks bright and airy! I hope you really crank up that music while you wash the windows!
    We had the very same thing for dinner, except we had a shiraz.

  3. What a great weekend, filled with all kinds of good stuff! I bet it might even be fun to wash windows if you’re doing it with others and for Kate. “Pop-up art show” sounds like it just happens effortlessly in an instant, but all the team work clearly shows that is not the case!

  4. What a great weekend! So many wonderful things going on! I love the fiber art — so very cool. And I can’t wait to hear all about Kate’s opening. It looks like a great space — and the concept is the COOLEST!

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