Kate had a meeting on Saturday morning and I decided to tag along to Appleton and meander The (College) Avenue until she was finished.

I wandered into Blue Moon Emporium, a great little shop with an emphasis on locally made goods, and into Studio 213 LLC, which features a mix of art and antiques, etc. I found a little something at each shop and was quite happy.

My eye was caught by a large corner (probably sectional) sofa in the window of Gabriel Furniture. I bought Rusty's Barcalounger recliner there a whole bunch of years ago, but it had been ages since I'd been in an actual furniture store and was compelled to turn around and go in to have a look around.


This is actually the back entrance, around the corner. Gabriel's has grown over the years, expanding into several neighboring shops along both College Avenue and Morrison Street, visually tying it all together with some of the ugliest facade work ever (the original multi-story building was gorgeous). One of those shops along The Avenue was Shirley's, where I remember shopping with Mom for school clothes… specifically, Polly Flinders smocked dresses come to mind, and the fairly hiddy coat that I had to have in 5th or 6th grade because it had this cool chain belt, and also a dress Mom bought for Sharon but said "Don't tell your dad," so Sharon was scared to death of wearing for fear that Dad would ask her where it came from. (As if.)

I wandered through the store and stepped through a doorway into the part of the building that's pictured above, and it immediately struck me… this was Beverly Lemke's School of Dance! I took ballet, tap, and tumbling there until the piano and violin came along and appealed to me more. I think of it sometimes when I drive by — that big red section of the wall on the right was actually about that same color then, but was made of huge ceramic tiles and a beautiful ballerina in arabesque was painted in silhouette to fill the area. There was nothing inside Gabriel's that said "ballet" to me as I stood there, but there must still be an aura or something! I can't remember a single detail about my lessons there, though I do have memory of a production of The Wizard of Oz in which I was both a mouse (tumbling) and some sort of dancing fairy (ballet — frothy pink dress) and Sharon & Karen were bumble bees (ballet) — but I know that I loved it and have warm fuzzies about it all.

A little sneaky grief, as Carole calls it, crept up on me there and I got a little teary with the feels of remembering all that — Shirley's, Beverly Lemke's, Mom.

The salesman at the store told me that way in the back, their work area, there's still a ballerina painted on the wall. I might someday ask for a peek.

* * * * *


2015-05-10 11.47.02 1

Ann & her family were here and later on Saturday we got together at Mom's & Joe's and had a cookout. Mum's wildflower garden is pretty spectacular right now — just the way she liked it — with Virginia bluebells, forget-me-knots, bleeding hearts all blooming, not to mention the flowering trees, especially the redbud (one of which is struggling a bit).

We had a wonderful brunch on Sunday, too, complete with mimosas! (I took a bit of a Whole30 hiatus for Mother's Day…)

* * * * *

I finished Clue 5 of Romi's Mystery Shawl 2015 on Friday night, so cast it off on Saturday!


I wove in all the ends on Sunday, but just didn't have the time for soaking and blocking; however, I did have time to begin contemplating combinations for my next mystery shawl!


Combo #1.


Combo #2.


Combo #3.

The cast-on for Kirsten Kapur's Through The Loops Mystery Shawl 2015 is set for June 1st, and I think it's going to be Combo #1 — both are Malabrigo Sock.

But there are weeks before the knit-along begins, so who knows!?

* * * * *

In the meantime, I am carrying on with Michele Bernstein's Sophie's Rose Shawlette, having just completed Row 240 of 360 for the main section; then there will be the edging and that amazing ruffle to work. I need to take an updated photo for my Ravelry project page, but I love how it's all working out so far!

I've also been giving some time to the sewing, and have both the front and back pieces of my Alabama Chanin corset top completely sewn; next step is felling the seams. I think I'll assemble the top and apply the binding, and then the beading! This slow fashion is fun… but slow.

But my sewing machine is ready to pick up and the stitch selector knob is moving, and there'll soon be some faster fashion happening (in all sizes)!

8 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. You had a weekend full of beautiful rememberings. It’s odd to take an unexpected step back in time. Your mom’s garden is full of glory and it’s easy to see why it would be her pride and joy, especially this time of year. I’m looking forward to seeing your Romi mystery, your slow and fast fashions, and your color choices for TTL!

  2. I also experienced a little sneaky grief this weekend when I saw some stunning bleeding hearts that reminded me once again of the regret I always feel about not digging up some of my mother’s after she passed away, but your post reminded me of some happy memories with Polly Flinders smocked dresses and the times my mother told us “Don’t tell your father”! Your mom’s garden is really beautiful; thanks for sharing!
    P.S. I remember a jumper I had to have because of the cool chain belt!

  3. I’m sure Mother’s Day – especially the first one – without your mom must be really hard…but know that you’re celebrating her by being such a wonderful mom to your three girls. Your garden is so lovely…our redbuds finished up about six weeks ago – they’re one of my favorites and it’s nice to see them again. And finally YAY for another mystery shawl – I do like #1, but #3 is a bit unexpected – could be perfect!

  4. Oh, those Polly Flinders dresses! I had loads although they were mostly hand me downs from a friend of my mom’s who had 3 daughters. Sorry about the sneaky grief time. Mother’s Day must have been emotional and I’d bet that contributed to your feelings. I think the good thing to remember about sneaky grief is that even though it continues to happen (I’m at 17+ years now since my mom died) it happens less frequently and you recover much more quickly. Hugs to you, Vicki.

  5. That is some sneaky grief . . . an emotional weekend, especially with the memory-flooding and the garden coming back to life. XOXO, dear Vicki. Your dance memories made my own come back — Miss Frances’ School of Ballet. I remember the magic of floor-to-ceiling mirrors, the creaky wood floor, and Miss Marie — who played the piano for our lessons! Deep, deep memories for sure. I love your yarn combinations — all three. It would be hard for me to choose a favorite. XO

  6. Hugs and more hugs to you. Your post made me remember so many things about my own Mom. My ballet days and how much I loved to dance. Putting on shows for Mom when Dad was on trips. Mom making me the most beautiful dresses. I loved when we would go to the store and she would pick out trims and lace and then put it all together. She made my wedding dress too: it looked like the dress the lady of Shallot wore and it was magical.
    I love your yarn combos, but #1 would be my favorite too – you can almost feel the squish factor though the computer. 🙂

  7. That wildflower garden is to die for! I realized this spring that I need to put blue columbines and Virginia bluebells and probably a bleeding heart in my front flower bed. It is shady-ish, and I forgot all about the great stuff that thrives in shade.
    All those yarns are beautiful! I vote for combo #3, but then you would have to give me the shawl 😉

  8. That first Mother’s Day is tough but I’m glad you had some joy. After almost 6 years that sneaky grief has visited less and less. My Mom is buried in my town so I go visit her and give her a hug. You’ve been a busy crafter! I’m quite envious as I’m in a stalled period…with everything! I did read for a 1/2 hour this morning…back on track I hope! And I’m voting for #3!

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