Macro May 2015

I didn't exactly take a photo everyday, but I took and posted a photo for every day and, mostly, it was actually on the day. Sometimes I ran out of daylight… or energy!


There's a little knitting and sewing, much flora (though not always flowers). All of the photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Photojojo Phone Lens (Macro). Most of the photos were taken at home or in my yard in Wisconsin, but some were taken in North Carolina… not that you'd ever be able to tell! More on North Carolina soon!

The photos (and descriptions) can all be found in my Instagram feed, and viewed larger in the Flickr set.

Have a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “Macro May 2015

  1. I’ve said it before…you do the BEST macros. Sometimes it’s fun to try and figure out what they are before reading the description. Happy TGIF, Vicki! Have a great weekend!

  2. The iris looks ethereal, the seam ripper a little threatening, and that rhododendron is beautifully alien. Great macros!

  3. Your macros are great, thanks for sharing them. I don’t have a macro lens for my newest camera (the full frame one) although I do have one that fits on my older Canon. I just didn’t pick it up much, though. So I’m looking at those lenses from Photojojo. Do you have just the macro or do you have the others as well?

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