Baby Captain America (Romper #2)

There was a lot of sewing during my at-home mini vacation… a lot! Mending, seaming, hemming, embroidery, applique… both by machine and by hand.

I've had another attempt at a romper for Junah on my list (here's the first), and that happened on Monday.




This time, I used the same old Simplicity pattern (#5049… which I've since acquired in 2 more sizes) mashed up with a modified & upsized Simply Summer Romper, a free pattern (12-mo size) on Craftsy.

The things I love most about that Simplicity pattern are the facings (possibly my most favorite thing), the shoulder snaps, and the 2-piece back.


The free pattern offered a little guidance with shaping for the one-piece front, and I was excited to try the snap crotch.


Seven snaps total, top & bottom, are possibly a bit of overkill… haha!


The fabric came from a thrifted t-shirt.


Centering the design on the front meant that I was a little short of fabric for the straps. That happened with the giraffe romper, too, but my fix then was quite rushed and haphazard.


This time, I took the few extra minutes needed to do it symmetrically… and nicely. Top stitching even.


I also did just a bit of top stitching under the each arm to secure the facings. And, this time, I also hemmed the legs.

Forgetting to make corresponding adjustments to the facing pattern pieces, but not discovering that fault until after cutting, meant that I didn't have enough t-shirt fabric. I dug through my scraps and found some fabrics that corresponded well enough. I quite love how that worked out.


I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's at least a hundred times better than the last. There's still room for little tweaks & improvement, but I feel like I'm on track.


Baby Captain America doesn't do windows (unless you like fingerprints!), but he's happy to help sweep the deck!

Also, I'm dying over those shoes…

8 thoughts on “Baby Captain America (Romper #2)

  1. You’re so lucky to have such a cute Captain America sweeping your deck! I’m years and years away from having any grandchildren, but your great rompers make me want to start thrifting t-shirts and sewing for the future!

  2. Vicki – you did a great job with that romper – wow! and that modeled FO shot with the broom…priceless! I’m picturing a vintage concert tee making an appearance for romper #3? 😉

  3. Oh my god, Vicki. I am on an adorableness overload here! That romper! That sweet face! And . . . (gasp!) . . . the shoes!!!! What a sweetheart! XO

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