Alabama Chanin


It seems so quiet in blogland. Summertime is busy, isn't it? And that's good!


My Alabama Chanin collection was "pressed" into alternate use last week, as Ali and I regrouped for our run to the finish on a large & overdue joint project. We spent a few good hours together on Wednesday and the end is drawing near… er. There's still a lot to do! Forward.


I spent almost all of my "free" time last week working on my Alabama Chanin A-line dress. I am embellishing the front of the tunic with embroidery, beads and sequins, and I'm really pleased with how it's turning out. I'm keeping the design/inspiration under wraps for now, but I'm almost half-way as of yesterday, so hopefully it won't be too long before the big reveal.


I'm using a combo of seed beads (clear & red), chop beads (dark grey & red), bugle beads (dark grey, satin grey & red), and sequins (dark grey & silver).


I made a beading cuff!


Here's a peek at one little motif. IRL, that's little more than an inch in diameter.


It's farmer market season again! That's where you'll find me most Saturday mornings until mid-October (and taking a little nap on after-market Saturday afternoons). This year, Ali is using her portable espresso machine to make "real" lattes and whatnot, and I'm mostly manning the citrus press and making freshly squeezed lemonade. I was called a "lemonade making machine" on Saturday, so I guess I've got it down. Ali's also baking cookies and fresh muffins everyday, including some gluten-free varieties, so we have fresh baked goods, too! It's all a little simpler… and better! As those things go.

5 thoughts on “Hellooooo!

  1. Mmmm! Wish I could stop by your booth at the Farmer’s Market! Sounds like the perfect place to be on a lovely summer Saturday morning. Love your beading. (Some day, I will try some beading on an AC project. . . ) XO

  2. Those beads are so pretty but oh! the detail work! Love the Farmer’s Market set up, wish I could come by for a fresh lemonade!

  3. It IS quiet around here, but you’re very busy and productive (as usual). I can’t believe you’re half way through! The mix of bead colors is a fabulous idea. I need to find a recycled T to rob a cuff from and make my own bead holder.
    Now I wish even more, I could come in to Ali’s shop and hang out with you. A GF cookie sounds like a wonderful treat while we sew and chat!

  4. All the Alabama Chanin!! y’all are making it hard (er and harder) to resist! I can’t wait for the big reveal – the colors and the mix of textures in the beading… well I know it’s going to be stunning.
    and yay! for the farmers market. I really enjoyed those weekly peeks into your Saturday mornings last year and look forward to another season.

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