Busy week

The boss is on vacation and I'm working everyday this week… long days. They can leave me tapped out. I managed to stop at the store on the way home last night and then cook a pretty stellar dinner (if I may so so), though I used an amazing number of dishes/tools/utensils to make it. Luckily, Rusty is quite willing to clean up the kitchen… especially when dinner is so yummy! We don't mind eating sometimes on a more European clock, either, so that helps. I can settle in and decompress for a bit and then take my time cooking. We've been doing that more and more, and I really like it.


I've been working on my skirt… the slow fashion is going even slower this week! But I've made progress even since I took these photos on Sunday. I've gone as far as I'm going to go on the outer front (black over green)… and I *love* it!


I'm trying a new (to me) technique on the inner front, and inking in addition to stitching. A few motifs will be inked only, some not at all, and much of it will never be exposed so I'm not spending time on that part.


At first I wasn't going to cut this piece, either, but I have… some, not all of the inked & stitched motifs… and I *love* it, too! (Pardon the terrible lighting.)

Let's see… what else has been happening?


Oh, hey, it's Maddy in her new (used) JEEP Wrangler! I drove over on Saturday morning to help her with the purchase… and then teach her how to drive a stick shift in :20 before she had to get ready for work. Let's just say that it's about a million times better to learn a manual transmission in a JEEP than, say (ahem), a SAAB. She loves it… truly a match made in heaven.


This guy spent a couple of hours at our house on Tuesday night. Is there a single photo here that's in focus??? He doesn't sit still for a second, and he's F-A-S-T! And so incredibly cute, though I might be somewhat biased.

One of his favorite things is going in and out the back door, the knobs and latches more easily reached and manipulated than some others. Ali, Rod & Junah left on Tuesday night to head home and a minute later, there's the undeniable sound of Junah at the door. He wasn't ready yet! He hadn't played with his caterpillar gear puzzle yet (apparently)!! He needed an extra :05 and then he was ready. So funny.

I am looking forward to the long weekend. How about you??

5 thoughts on “Busy week

  1. I love the skirt and the Jeep, but that face! He IS incredible cute! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
    P.S. Twenty minutes to learn how to drive a stick shift? Maddy must be gifted and you must be a great teacher! I learned in a Jeep and there were tears…

  2. That skirt is going to be gorgeous! And I’m so happy that Maddy loves her Jeep, I love mine, too. Don’t worry about being cold without a hard top, either, those things are small and warm up fast – it’s like driving around in a tent! Junah is a cutie patootie!

  3. Well, you already know how I feel about the skirt (LOVE). Maddy looks totally boss in her wheels! And, I’m not sure if Junah is that funny (and cute) or if it’s your ability to pull the camera out at just the right minute. He cracks me up!

  4. What a week! I’m really impressed by all the “other stuff” you manage with a full-time day job. And that Junah… my favorite is the skinned and bruised knees. Badges of toddler courage for sure!

  5. Oh, that little Junah! So adorable. (We used to joke that Brian had two speeds: Fast and Fast Asleep; always, always on the go!) I love the stitching techniques on your “sampler skirt.” It’s going to be So Cool. And Maddy looks totally comfortable in her new Jeep. (I had to speed-learn to drive a stick, too, when I was Maddy’s age. It took longer than 20 minutes, though. And there was quite a bit of the F-word involved. . . )

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